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IP Café┃Revised Trademark Law to Take Effect on November 1

Revised Trademark Law to Take Effect on November 1


China’s revised trademark law will take effect on November 1. The revised law increased the upper limit of compensations that may be imposed on trademark infringement. It also took action toward bad faith behaviors involving trademarks, such as malicious registration of trademarks and hoarding of registered trademarks. "A bad faith trademark application for registration for a purpose other than use shall be rejected," said the amended law, adding that trademark agencies should refuse to represent any applicant who attempts to file malicious registrations.

Revise /rɪˈvaɪz/

to change your opinions or plans, for example because of sth you have learned 改变,修改(意见或计划)

例句:The government may need to revise its policy in the light of this report.

China’s Trade Promotion Body to Facilitate Cooperation During CIIE


The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) will offer a string of services and platforms to facilitate exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign firms during the upcoming 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE). A batch of ATA Carnet work stations will be placed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and other sites to aid customs clearance of exhibits. Meanwhile, the CCPIT will assist the event’s organizer in IP services and build pavilions and booths for countries and regions like Uruguay, Zambia and Tanzania. During the expo, running from November 5 to 10 in Shanghai, the organization will hold seven on-site activities covering trade facilitation, M&As and agriculture to support cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises.

Assist / əˈsɪst/

to help sb to do sth帮助;协助;援助

例句:We will assist you in finding somewhere to live.

China to Step up Socialist Market Economy


China will accelerate the improvement of the system of its socialist market economy and will fully unleash the "decisive role" of the market in resource allocation to ensure high-quality development, a senior official said on November 1. Han Wenxiu, deputy director of the Office of Central Commission for Financial and Economic Affairs, said that China will build a high-standard market system and will improve the protection of property and IPRs, as well as corporate secrets. Han made the comments at a news conference in Beijing following the conclusion of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Communist Party of China Central Committee. China also will work to ensure that the government plays a better role and to create better synergy between the "visible and invisible hands", Han said, adding that the country will further improve the system to foster innovation and technological progress and push the development of advanced manufacturing.

Unleash / ʌnˈliːʃ/

to suddenly let a strong force, emotion, etc. be felt or have an effect发泄;突然释放;使爆发

例句:The government’s proposals unleashed a storm of protest in the press.

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