Mauritius IP Development

Mauritius is amongst those countries which have received only few Patent applications. In last 6 years authority has received only 15 patent applications and 09 Patents has been granted till date.
During last six years only 10600 Trademark applications has been received by the authority and most of them have been processed and granted registration except those which have been opposed or objected.
The Patent Law is governed by The Patents, Industrial Designs & Trademarks Act 2002 which is in effect as from 6th January 2003. The said Act guides the procedure from filing to registration of application and rights conferred by such registration.
Trademark Law is governed by same law as Patent. Trademark section of The Patents, Industrial Designs & Trademarks Act 2002 provides limited and basic information.
The Copyright Act was established in 1997. Copyright lays down provision for protection to Authors, performers and producers. But not much is done for protection of copyright owners except local artist. International authors, performers and producers are not well protected or awarded with distribution of funds.
By Shishir Agarwal
Kashish International Limited.

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