Myanmar Nature & Economy

Economy Overview
Myanmar is an agricultural country with more than 60% of workforce engaged in agriculture. Its main agricultural products include rice, wheat, sugarcane, etc.. Forests cover 50% of its territory and produce hardwood and precious teak. Grain mill, timber, oil exploration, small machinery manufacturing and mineral resources are the main industrial sectors. The mineral resources include tin, tungsten, zinc, aluminum, oil, steel jade and jade, of which the quality of ruby and emerald is the highest in the world.
From the long-term perspective, the overall level of the Myanmar economy has not gained any substantial improvement after the Second World War. According to an authoritative estimate, Myanmar’s GDP reached 12.197 billion U.S. dollars in 1936 (with a population of 15,708,000 at that time), and the annual income per capita was 776 U.S. dollars. However, according to statistics of November 2004, Myanmar GDP per capita was only 356 U.S. dollars.

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