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The People's Republic of Bangladesh joined the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on May 11, 1985, and Paris Convention on the Protection of Industry Property on March 3, 1991.
The following requirements shall be paid attention to when the register file a patent application in Bangladesh: 1. Description of the applicant(s) (name, address and nationality); 2. Description of the Inventor(s) (name address and nationality); 3. Three sets of specifications; 4. Three sets of drawings on tracing papers (transparent papers); 5. Certified copy of the priority documents or its description in case of urgency; 6. Legalized assignment; 7. Authorization duly sealed and signed by the applicants.
Bangladesh once adopted and modified trademark laws of India and Pakistan. The current trademark law was revised in 1975 and came into effect on January 1, 1976.
To file a trademark application in Bangladesh, the followings is needed:
1. Particulars of the applicant (name, address and nationality).
2. Full description of the goods.
3. Marks, (in case of word marks, description of marks, in case of device please provide 16 print copy of the device or scan copy through e-mail).
4. Copy of registration in home country (if it is not readily available it can be sent on a later stage).
5. Authorization duly sealed and signed by the client [if it is not possible to send with the instruction it can be sent on a later stage along with item (iv)].
A trademark registration takes around two years time, and service marks (classes 35-44) are not registrable in Bangladesh.
In Bangladesh, every application for registration of copyright shall be made in triplicate, which will prepare and signed, by the local authorized agent and shall be in respect of one work only. Besides, every application file shall be in separate prayer.
The following requirements are needed to file a copyright registration:
1. Power of Attorney (P/A) in favour of undersigned
2. Declaration by the Artist for every application.
3. The Artistic works/calligraphy or labels/cartons four copies are required to be submitted to the office of the copyright.
To file an application for the registration of a design in Bangladesh, these materials are needed: the name of the inventor (applicant), the address(s) and nationality of the inventors, two sets of specifications of design, four sets of 3D pictures of the products from 4 sides, the Power of Attorney, the certified copy of the Priority Documents, the legalized deed of assignment and the affidavit by the applicant.

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