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  • J.D. Sellier & Co.
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  • Brian G. des Vignes
    Telephone: 868.623.4283 Ext. 1201
    Fax: 868.625.2984
    Practice Areas
    Real Estate
    Banking + Finance
    Attorney-at-Law, Trinidad and Tobago – 1969
    Following his admission to practice in 1969, Brian joined the firm’s litigation practice. In 1983, he joined the firm’s real estate team. With the rapid expansion of the real estate market, he has advised on several condominium and leasehold developments, complex real estate transactions and security documentation. His expertise is recognised and respected by both the government and private sectors, and his input is sought in any major review and reform of legislation relating to Property Law.
    Brian represents major commercial banks, lenders, insurance companies, land developers and commercial landlords and tenants.
    As a highly respected member of the legal profession, he was a member of the Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago from 1992 to 2002. Brian was a member of a committee appointed by the Attorney-General to work with the Registrar-General and consultants to implement a computerised database of the Land Registry. He is also the Law Association’s representative on the Cabinet-appointed committee to implement three important pieces of legislation affecting the documentation and enforcement of real property rights – The Land Adjudication Act, the Registration of Titles to Land Act and the Land Tribunal Act.
    Brian held the position of Senior Partner from May 2006 to December 2011 when he retired from the Firm. Brian is now a consultant with the firm and oversees certain projects, mentors and coaches the young associates, and generally assists in ensuring that the Firm adheres to best practices.
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    Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago

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    J.D.Sellier+Co. was founded by Jean-Baptiste Denis Selliér who was admitted to practice as a Solicitor and Conveyancer in Trinidad and Tobago in 1882. He practiced on his own until 1916 when he invited his colleague and friend George Cecil Pantin to join him in a partnership. Today, J.D.Sellier+Co. has expanded to 20 attorneys-at-law and 77 employees and offers its clients quality legal services. Our clients include industrial, commercial and financial enterprises, domestic and foreign, public and private, ranging in size and complexity from small single location business enterprises to large diverse, multinational corporations.


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