Inês Monteiro Alves 简介

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  • Inventa International IP Law Firm
  • 职务:

  • Legal Manager

    Inês Monteiro Alves, Legal Manager
    Legal Manager at Inventa International, in charge of managing a team dedicated to the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) assets across the African continent. Inês' knowledge of legal procedures and structures in different African countries allows her to advise clients on the most effective strategies to protect all IP assets across the African Continent.
    With extensive experience as a Trademark and Patent Attorney, works with clients from different business areas, creating a solid professional path in IP, including Trademark and Patent prosecution, IP rights litigation, enforcement and internationalization strategy.
    · English
    · Portuguese
    · INTA - International Trademark Association
    · APDI - Portuguese Association of Intellectual Law
    · Lawyer registered in the Portuguese Bar Association
    · Patent and Trademark Attorney before the Portuguese Patent and Trademark Office (INPI)
    · European Union and Community Design Attorney before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
    · Post-Graduation in Intellectual Property from the University of Lisbon School of Law
    · Post-Graduation in Pharmacy and Medicine Law from the University of Coimbra School of Law
    · Law degree from the University of Lisbon School of Law
    · IP Strategy
    · Litigation
    · Negotiation
    · IP Counseling
    · IP Portfolio Management

    Inventa International IP Law Firm



    About Inventa International
    Inventa International is an Intellectual Property firm, specializing in the protection and internationalization of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyright and domains. Through a network of local offices, including Portugal and several locations in Africa, and an extensive network of associates, we are committed to delivering a global coverage with local experience.
    Inventa International was founded in the early 70’s and is now one of the largest Intellectual Property players operating in several regions, with a special focus in Africa, where maintaining a local presence is of extreme importance. Throughout our history, Inventa International has constantly been a staple of innovation, trust, know-how and efficiency on the services it provides.
    With over 45 years of experience in Intellectual Property, Inventa International has served thousands of clients, from small entrepreneurs and startups, to multinationals holding large trademark and patent portfolios, as well as universities and other entities dealing with R&D on a daily basis. Furthermore, our experience allows us to understand the caveats of the different industries, since we maintain relationships with clients from different sectors, including food and beverages, communications & IT, pharmaceutical, manufacturers, oil & gas, financial institutions, business services companies, and more.
    Tech Drive
    Inventa International recognizes that in this day and age, information management and the internet have taken over many aspects of business. To accompany the changing needs of our clients, over the last few years we have increased our activity in the area of technological infrastructures and information systems. In this way, Inventa International seeks to respond to the different demands of both the markets and its clients.
    Global Network
    Thanks to our large network of contacts and associate level, we offer our clients a vast team of highly-specialized professionals in the Intellectual Property field and related strategic sectors. Our professionals guarantee highly-personalized and efficient accompaniment of all our services.
    Local Presence in Africa
    African Countries present some of the greater challenges when it comes to protecting Intellectual Property. As such, local presence is paramount to attain a high standard of quality, similar to what can be practiced in other regions. Our local presence in Africa allows us to deal with the challenges presented to us, whether it’s red tape, instability, cultural differences or language barriers. The key to our success in Africa has been the training of local technical staff and their demonstrated enthusiasm for Intellectual Property.
    As a company operating in the area of Intellectual Property, we are highly focused on offering the best service to protect the highest interests of our customers and to guarantee the greatest defense of their innovations and intellectual creations. Our policy is based, thus, on fully satisfying our customers on any one of the five continents where we are working.
    Our vision is therefore centered on providing strategic consultancy, specialized in Intellectual Property, helping our customers to build and protect the value of their brands. We therefore take pride in forming and retaining long-term relationships with our customers and associates, relationships that are based on the promotion of fair and mutual benefits.
    Our business values are related to the high levels of service and expertise we guarantee, with our firm commitment to guarantee the highest quality of our teams in order to keep our customers always satisfied with the Intellectual Property services we provide all around the world.


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