ZHANG HONGWEI's Vision Invention Astonished the World

By Yingyan Lu, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

  The 65th Eureka World Invention Exposition was held successfully from Nov 17 to 19, 2016 in Brussels. ZHANG HONGWEI HERBS EYE OINTMENT, which is a new technology for treating myopia and amblyopia using traditional Chinese medicine, attracted a lot of attention from juries, audience, potential European business partners and investors. Dr. Zhang Hongwei, the inventor and founder of Beijing Well Eyes Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Co. Ltd, became the spotlight of this invention exposition.
  Magical Herbs Eye Ointment
  People who suffer from myopia and amblyopia are afraid of following problems, such as drug side effects, glasses dependence, the instrument injuring the eyes, surgery total rebound and hospital charges etc.
  Myopia and amblyopia are difficult to cure in China and abroad. There is no very effective method among the currently known treatments. "Six-in-One Therapy" developed by Dr. Zhang Hongwei adopted the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of vision problems. ZHANG HONGWEI HERBS EYE OINTMENT effectively promotes the metabolism of the corneal lens and rapidly relieves visual fatigue and decreases vision caused by overuse of the eye. At the same time, the supporting instrument get through the body blood to promote the "corneal lens" metabolism, restore ciliary muscle elasticity to ensure not to rebound the rehabilitation of the vision.
  Zhang Hongwei’s Herbs Eye Ointment is easy to be applied. After closing the eyes and applying the cream around the eyes for three cycles, you shall first turn right and then left around the eye orbit, in total six cycles for each eye and then massage gently for 15- 20 minutes. After that, the vision can be improved 1 or 2 lines. One treatment cycle lasts 20 days, with the frequency of 1 or 2 times per days. It is safe and amazing because it works after only 20 minutes.
  In China, Beijing Well Eyes Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Co. Ltd. spent 17 years in helping 1,800,000 Chinese juveniles suffering from myopia and amblyopia to rehabilitate and get rid of glasses. They firmly believe it will be the gospel for 1.4 billion people worldwide who suffers from myopia and amblyopia.
  Well Eyes' IP Strategy
  Dr. Zhang Hongwei pays a lot of attention to his IP strategy and IP portfolios. In 2008, Zhang Hongwei Herbs Eye Ointment received a national invention patent issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China, which is "A kind of production method of TCM and its preparations for treating myopia" (Patent No. 200810086019.7). In 2009, Zhang Hongwei Herbs Eye Ointment received a national invention patent issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China, which is "A kind of production method of TCM and its preparations for treating amblyopia" (Patent No. 200910145781.2). This is because it broke the traditional bottleneck in myopia and amblyopia diagnosis and treatment, thus thoroughly solving the worldwide problem of myopia and amblyopia treatment by virtue of pure TCM biological.
  In 2016, Dr. Zhang is planning to apply another four inventions regarding the treatments of other vision problems. His inventions include the myopia, amblyopia treatment as well as hyperopia, astigmatism, refractive errors treatments.
  Apart from focus on R&D and patent registration, Dr. Zhang licenses his products and know-how to franchisees. There are around 600 franchise eye rehabilitation centers in China in the past 4 years. Franchisees strongly believe in Dr. Zhang’s inventions and know how. Many former patients became franchisees because this herbs eye ointment cured their visions or their children’ s visions. Therefore they also want to engage in this vision rehabilitation cause.
  Background of Dr. Zhang Hongwei
  Dr. Zhang used to work in an institution. Because his daughter suffered from myopia seriously and couldn’t get cured after visiting many hospitals, he studied by himself and invented this herbs eye ointment. His daughter's vision have been improved dramatically after the treatment by him. Then he decided to engage to help more people who suffered from vision problem. He established the first Well Eyes Company in 2007 in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and expanded his business to Hongkong, Beijing in the past few years.
  Now Dr. Zhang Hongwei is visiting professor of The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, the president of China Association of Vision Rehabilitation, the president of China Research Institute of Vision Rehabilitation, the founder of National Vision Rehabilitation Authentication Center and VIP of China Institute Of Invention And Innovation.
  In 2009, Zhang Hongwei Herbs Eye Ointment got the first prize of the 10th “National Award for Technological Invention”. In 2015, he gained “World Traditional Medicine Outstanding Contributions Award” in the world congress of integrated medicines 53rd anniversary of medicine alternative because of his invention patent.
  Eureka Invention Award & Eureka World Invention Expo
  After serious evaluation of more than 100 cross-industry judges, the myopia and amblyopia treatment inventions got the highest score 96 and 95 respectively. Dr. Zhang won two golden medals in this exposition. Because of his outstanding contribution to the world health cause, Dr. Zhang was awarded the “European Innovation Knight Medal”and the “Belgium Innovation knight Medal”, as well as innovation diplomas and medals from French Invention Federation, Polish HALLER Pro Invention Foundation, Union of Croatian Innovators, and University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.In this exposition, anyone who had tried this ointment resulted in 1 or 2 lines of vision improvement. Receiving a lot of compliments, Dr. Zhang is very humble and said, “To solve the world problem by applying the traditional Chinese medicine is not only my whole life career, but also my responsibility to contribute to the society. I have helped many Chinese who suffered from vision problem in the past 17 years. Now I am willing to help more people in the world with my inventions.”
  Prize of Rudy Demotte, Belgian Minister-President of the Wallonia- Brussels Federation was given to Dr.Zhang Hongwei for his invention contributed to the human being and the society.
  Established in 1950, Eureka World Invention Exposition is one of the longest and professional invention exposition in the world. China participated in it since 1986. Eureka World Invention Exposition has been held twice per year since 2016. One is in mid-May in Barcelona and the other is in mid-November in Brussels. In the 65th Expo this year, around 170 inventions coming from 15 countries attended the expo.

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