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Beijing IP Court: To Intensify Intellectual Property Judicial Protection and Effectively Curb Infringement
On the morning of December 8, 2016, Beijing Intellectual Property Court concluded the Beijing Purple Jade Villas Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. V.s. Beijing Hairun Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. trademark dispute case and Hengbao Co., Ltd. v.s. Beijing Watchdata Co., Ltd. for an invention patent infringement case. After the verdicts, Beijing Intellectual Property Court held a press conference and the presiding judges of the two cases elaborated on the facts and the juridical reasons.Chen Jinchuan, member of Party Group and vice president of Beijing Intellectual Property Court, made a speech entitled To Intensify Intellectual Property Protection and Effectively Curb Infringement. Beijing Intellectual Property Court, since its establishment, has always held intensifying the judicial protection of intellectual property as its guiding ideology for judicial work and applied the idea of strict protection to the decision of every case, mainly reflected in the following three aspects: (1) reinforcement of compensation for the infringement of intellectual property; (2) full play of the role of evidence system in intensifying protection; (3) attention to the applicability of the procedural measures such as the preservation of property and evidence.
Online Games Industry Anti-Piracy Alliance Established 
At the end of November 2016, with the support of the Copyright Union of Internet Society of China under the Internet Society of China (ISC), the "Online Games Anti- Piracy and Industry Protection Appliance" was established in Beijing. The Alliance was initiated by Tencent, Ourpalm, ChangYou, Perfect World, Netease among other 15 game operators, independent game producers and game platform enterprises. Mr. Shi Xiansheng, ISC Deputy Secretary- General, said the establishment of the Alliance aimed at cracking down on pirated games, maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of legal games to promote the healthy development of the industry. Alliance members in its constitution announced that it will establish a quick rights protection mechanism for online games, regularly organize joint rights action to combat piracy, to curb piracy, and establish early warning mechanism for piracy and quick dispute mediation mechanism.
SIPO Deputy Director He Zhimin Met with President of the EUCCC Jorge Wuttke
Recently, Deputy Director of the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC (SIPO) He Zhimin met with Jorge Wuttke, president of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC). During the meeting, He Zhimin accepted the European Business in China-Posit ion Paper 2016/2017 proposed by the EUCCC. The two sides exchanged views on topics such as patent administrative law enforcement, Draft Regulations on Service Inventions and utility models. He Zhimin said that China and the Europe Union (EU) have very close cooperation and communication in the field of intellectual property (IP), and it is beneficial for in-depth cooperation in science and technology, culture and trade between the two sides. The SIPO attaches importance to the opinions of EU enterprises and is willing to provide better services to IP users from different countries to reach broader consensuses.
Anniversary Celebrates the Madrid System's Growth Role 
The Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks has played an important role in promoting the global protection of intellectual property, boosting world trade and economic growth, and advancing the innovation of knowledge worldwide, said Liu Yuting, vice-minister of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
Liu gave a speech at a celebration in Qingdao, Shandong province, to mark the 125th anniversary of the system's establishment. The ceremony, which was hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization and SAIC, attracted the participation of more than 200 guests from 27 countries and regions.
Copyright Cooperation Encourages Creativity
The Chinese government has placed greater emphasis on international cooperation in copyright and will create a more favorable environment for such exchanges, according to Yan Xiaohong, deputy head of the National Copyright Administration of China. He made the remarks at the sixth China International Copyright Expo, which opened in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, in the early December.
For the first time, the agency and the World Intellectual Property Organization presented awards together to Chinese individuals and organizations for copyright administration and protection, as well as creativity at the expo. WIPO is committed to continuing in its close cooperation with China and with all participating countries in the area of copyright.
SCOTUS Toss Apples $400M Award in Samsung Design Patent Case
The U.S. Supreme Court on December, 6 threw out a $400 million damages award that Apple won against Samsung in their heated patent war, ruling Samsung’s penalty for infringing Apple’s smartphone design patents may be limited to components of the phone, rather than the entire product. In an 8-0 ruling, the high court reversed a Federal Circuit ruling that found Samsung must pay its profits from the entire phones found to infringe Apple’s design patents, which covered the front face of the phones and the arrangement of icons on the home screen. The Supreme Court declined to resolve whether, for each of the design patents at issue in the case, the article of manufacture was the smartphone or a component of the phone. It left it up to the Federal Circuit to address the issue on remand.
Christian Archambeau: To Jointly Build a Highly-Efficient and Interoperable IP System
In recent years, European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) launched fruitful IP cooperation with SIPO. According to Archambeau Deputy (Executive Director of EUIPO), as early as 2012, SIPO and OHIM (EUIPO's predecessor) have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on bilateral cooperation. A great series of achievements have been made over the years. Archambeau expressed his appreciation of SIPO's accomplishment in the ID5 Annual Meeting in Beijing. "In 2016 ID5 Annual Meeting, the most important thing from EUIPO's perspective is that we focus on projects and outcomes and not simply studies." Archambeau declared the main goal of EUIPO to implement the outcome. Besides, Archambeau showed his interests in ID5 temporary website, which was launched during the annual meeting, "This should help publicize what we are doing and make things more transparent."
Source: SIPO

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