National Brand IP Service Agencies Contributes to the IP Power Construction of Jiangxi Province

By Catherine Lee, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

From August 31 to September 1, the National Brand IP Service Agencies "Jointly Promoting the IP Power Construction of Jiangxi Province" Action held by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) and organized by Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Department (of the Jiangxi Provincial Intellectual Property Office) was completed successfully in Nanchang, Jiangxi . The vice commissioner of SIPO, Gan Shaoning and the vice governor of Jiangxi Provincial government Li Li presented and addressed the opening ceremony, with the attendance of Bi Nan, the director and Liu Jufang, the vice director of SIPO's Planning and Development Department; Hong Sanguo, the director of Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Department; and Xie Jinshui, the deputy secretary of the Central Party Committee (CPC) leading group of Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Department and the director of Jiangxi Provincial Intellectual Property Office. There are about 260 attendees joining this action including the representatives from the intellectual property offices in different municipalities of Jiangxi province, 24 (cultivating) national brand IP service agencies, relevant public institutions, enterprises and IP service agencies in Jiangxi province and the media.
Gan Shaoning noted in his speech that the CPC and the State Council of China have paid great attention to the IP work, laying stress on effectively connecting the full link of IP creation, IP application, IP protection, IP management and IP service. The joint national brand IP service agencies series action is the important measure of the revolution to "simplify the government, decentralize the power, balance the management and decentralization, and optimize the service" deeply implemented by SIPO, aiming at breaking into the "last mile" of effectively connecting IP service and the innovation entities to improve and upgrade the economic health. Gan Shaoning hoped that the brand IP service agencies can take this opportunity to know more about the enterprises and relevant parks in Jiangxi, explore demands, interact actively and take full advantages of their specialties. They should quicken the construction of an IP Powerful province based on a strict IP protection and high quality IP service to help promote the transformation and upgrading, poverty alleviation, ecological and economic increase, and further to build Jiangxi province into an ecological advanced demonstration district in China.
Li Li said that the action held in Jiangxi played an important role in boosting the cooperation and communication of the IP service industry in Jiangxi. He expected that the service agencies and other attendees can take this rare opportunity to deepen the communication and interaction, learn and draw lessons from the advanced idea, emerging pattern and successful experience of the colleagues in other districts and constantly improve the service ability and working level.
This activity includes the Keynote Speech of National Brand IP Service Agencies, Negotiation between Brand IP Service Agencies and Enterprises and Public Institutions, Communication and Discussion between IP Service Agencies and Local Agencies, Recommendation and Introduction of Local Policy Environment, and the High-End Forum of the IP Service of New Energy and Intelligent Cars.
Keynote Speech of National Brand IP Service Agencies
The representatives from 5 brand service agencies including Jiangxi Jin Xuan Enterprise Consulting Service Co., Ltd. (Jiangxi Jin Xuan), CN-KnowHow Intellectual Property Agent Ltd. (CNKnowHow), Sinoipro IP Management and Technology Transfer Co., Ltd. (Sinoipro) etc. to deliver keynote speeches to share the experience.
As the co-organizor of this activity, the president of Jiangxi Jin Xuan, Jiang Jianfei delivered a speech with the theme of "IP Operation of Research and Academic Institutions". He pointed out that IP operation was in a good opportunity and a favorable position with the support of people. Currently, with the support of the national policies, the strong demands of technological economy and financial capital, transformation and upgrading needs of regional industries, technical upgrading needs of traditional enterprises, and the transfer and transformation needs of research and academic institutions, it is expected that the policy, the industry, the academy, the research institutions, the capital and the agencies can make innovations through coordination and achieve a winwin result through cooperation. What's more, Jiang Jianfei also introduced the innovation service platform with the core products including 8 services, such as technology consultation service, research agent service etc. He indicated that based on the bottom line of stable development, Jin Xuan aimed to create the biggest research agent service platform in China with the target of IPO.
The general manager of Faith Intellectual Assets Corporation, Zhang Zhiwei shared experience surrounding the theme of "International IP Operation Model Sharing". Through citing examples of LED chips' patent market, the 5,857,767 U.S. Patent's evidence of use analysis, LED's patent package etc., Zhang Zhiwei explained the characteristics and difference between two ends of the IP operation value. At last, he compared the iceberg with the patent risks, noting that being copied is only the smallest risk of a product like the tip of the iceberg, where the biggest and horrible risks were hided under the sea level, including the market share competition, costly license fees or damage compensation of large-size patent companies etc.
Wang Pengfei, the vice president of CNKnowHow introduced and explained the patent navigation of Chinese Medicine Industry in a professional view. He first emphasized the meaning of patent navigation, listing 6 major missions of patent navigation. About the information use, he gave an account of the main short board and the political advantages by the example of the Chinese Medicine Industry in Jiangxi. According to the particularity of this industry, he also analyzed how to make use of the patent information of the Chinese medicine. What's more, Wang Pengfei believed that it is necessary and beneficial for the medicine enterprises to entrust service agencies when seeking how to make use of the patent information.
The secretary general of Star Tutor Group and the startup tutor of TusStar, Huang Xiangcheng had a speech on the theme of "How do Innovation Enterprises Use IP to Grow". Previously, he had been many districts with SIPO to explain and analyze how enterprises and service agencies apply IP for achieving innovation and development during the operation. Huang Xiangcheng pointed that IP is the tool for innovation and startup, which can help enterprises to make proper changes on their products, by the way of "addition, reduction, multiplication and division". By IP, enterprises can realize goals such as finding ideas, forming a team, collecting capital, designing business models and profit models etc.
Finally, the president of Sinoipro, Gordon Zong delivered a speech with the theme of "Professional IP Management Promotes the Transfer and Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements". He first cited the advanced model of foreign IP operation, explained the necessary working content and procedures of IP operation/technology transfer through a comparison between domestic and foreign IP operation in the difference, advantages and disadvantages. He also noted that there was a huge diversity in the number and quality of the management personnel between China and the developed countries: the universities and academic institutions in China had owned 30 times patents as the universities in the US., while the management personnel is only one tenth of the one in the US. Currently, the core problem of the IP operation in China is the lack of professional management. To solve this problem, he came up with 3 suggestions: to obey the objective laws of IP operation / technology transfer; to reverse some political orientation with directional deviation as soon as possible; to increase investment and quicken the steps to train interdisciplinary and professional talents.
Communication between Brand IP Service Agencies and Jiangxi Provincial Enterprises and Public Institutions
After the Keynote Speech of National Brand IP Service Agencies, (cultivating) agencies immediately developed further interaction and offered public consultation with the enterprises and public institutions in Jiangxi province. The communication between them was rather warm and positive.
During the Recommendation and Introduction of Local Policy Environment, Ge Songru, the vice director of Jiangxi Provincial Intellectual Property Office and Zhou Lin, the director of Nanchang Municipal Intellectual Property Office introduced the relevant policy of IP service in Jiangxi province and in Nanchang municipality respectively. The representatives from Jiangxi Zhonghui Lawyers' Firm and Bizsolution Software Inc. shared their experience in brand construction and discussed certain question with local service agencies.
The High-End Forum of the IP Service of New Energy and Intelligent Cars
National brand IP service agencies visited JIANGLING MOTORS CO., LTD. to attend the High-End Forum of the IP Service of New Energy and Intelligent Cars. The service agencies communicated with the enterprises in the new energy sector and the intelligent cars sector in Jiangxi province and answered questions about the IP issues in the enterprises' development. Faith Intellectual Assets Corporation, Beijing Guozhi Patent Warning Consulting Co., Ltd. and other service agencies had speeches about the "International IP Operation of New Energy and Intelligent Cars", the "IP Layout of New Energy and Intelligent Cars" etc.
To connect the demands and supply of IP service, implement the deployments of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Synergic Development, the Belt and Road Initiative, the Yangtze River Economic Zone and other strategies and support the implementation of the strategy "starting businesses by the public and making innovations by the people", SIPO successively held a series of activities connecting brand agencies and local economic development in 9 districts including Tianjin, Shaanxi, Fujian, Chongqing etc. at the request of local intellectual property offices, attracting nearly 1,200 enterprises and public institutions in total, promoting a certain number of cooperation and achieving actual results. This activity in Nanchang, Jiangxi is the 3rd connecting activities held by the SIPO this year and more activities are expected to be held.  

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