Brand Agencies Join Hands with Anhui's Enterprises to Promote Innovative Development Together

By Catherine Lee, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

From November 2 t o 3, organized by State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.C. (SIPO) and undertaken by Anhui Intellectual Property Office, co-organized by Hefei Intellectual Property Office and Hefei High- Tech Industrial Development Zone Administrative Committee, the National Brand IP Service Agencies “To Promote Innovative Development of Anhui” Action went successfully in Hefei. Liu Jufang, deputy director of Planning and Development Department of SIPO, Liu Dong, Di Yong, executive deputy directors of Anhui Intellectual Property Office, Wu Haijun, deputy director of Hefei Science and Technology (Intellectual Property) Office and Wang Jie, vice director of Hefei High-Tech Zone Administrative Committee attended the launching ceremony. More than 150 people including 23 national IP service brands (training) agencies, relevant municipal IP offices in Anhui Province, enterprises, institutions and IP service agencies, central and local media participated the event.
Liu Jufang, deputy director of Planning and Development Department of SIPO, made a speech and expressed that the 19th National Congress of CPC clearly pointed out “Advocating a culture of innovation and strengthening the creation, protection and application of IP” which has directed new direction and put forward new requirements and made new plans for IP work. It enhances our IPers’ sense of responsibility, sense of mission and sense of urgency in accelerating the construction of a powerful IP country in the new era. With the deep propulsion of the reform of “delegate power, promote equal competition and optimize services”, especially that of commercial system, IP service industry develops vigorously and has become an important support for the construction of a powerful IP country. Hopefully, brand agencies make good use of this opportunity, delve into enterprises, communities in Anhui, and take the initiative to connect with the subject of innovation. We also expect that the local service agencies in Anhui can learn advanced ideas, new models and valuable experience from brand agencies and strengthen exchanges and cooperation. All of us, with high-quality, efficient and professional IP services, work together to promote the creation of IP from quantity to quality, from large scale to strong and to support the transformation of IP protection from continuous upgrade to comprehensive and strict administration. It is also needed to promote the transformation of IP application from single benefit to comprehensive benefits and ensure that the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC can be carried out and developed prosperously in IP field.
Liu Dong, executive deputy director of Anhui Intellectual Property Office, in his speech concluded that it will further strengthen the cultivation work of brand agencies, promote the vigorous development of IP services industry in Anhui Province. At the same time, he welcomed more national brand agencies go to Anhui, to meet the needs of enterprises, serve and innovate the construction of Anhui. He also hoped that service agencies in Anhui could cherish the learning opportunity, change management concept, innovate service mode, expand service area, and make the brand become more bigger and stronger.
Wu Haijun, deputy director of Hefei Science and Technology (Intellectual Property) Office, sincerely invited national brand agencies to come to Hefei, take root there and settle there to help the the construction of IP in Hefei. Wang Jie, vice director of Hefei High-Tech Zone Administrative Committee said that services provided by brand agencies in high-tech zones will be fully supported to create an innovative zone that integrates the comprehensive national science center and the industrial innovation center. This activity includes keynote presentations given by national brand IP service agencies, synergy talk to enterprises and public institutions, communication seminars with local services agencies, research in the community, and promotion of local policy environment and so on.
Presentations given by national brand IP service agencies
In the presentations given by national brand IP service agencies, Hefei Huizhong Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd., Nanchang Jinxuan Technology Co., Ltd., China Patent Technology Development Co., Ltd. and other brand agencies delivered speeches and shared their experience on the following topics: The Exploration and Application of Patent Quality Standard, The Operation Modes of Innovative Intellectual Property, The Operation and Management Strategies of Enterprises Intellectual Property and The Layout and Operation of High-Value Patent and so on.
Zheng Fangting, general manager of Hefei Huizhong Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd. explained and analyzed the exploration and application of the standard compilation of Technical Specification of Patent Quality Evaluation from four aspects including the preparation process, the main contents and the application for technical specifications of patent quality evaluation and Anhui Intellectual Property Collaborative Innovation Center. He pointed out that the quality of patents is defined as the role and effectiveness of the influence formed by users in terms of law, technology and economy. The evaluation of patent quality is based on six principles: systematicness, scientific rationality, objectivity, adaptability, feasibility, measurability, dynamics and timeliness. Finally, he further explained and expounded the above theme with the association of Anhui Intellectual Property Collaborative Innovation Center’s three aspects including physical environmental construction, digital environmental construction and operation mode construction.
Jiang Jianfei, chairman of Nanchang Jinxuan Technology Co., Ltd., elaborated and summarized the trend, the current situation and the pain points of the current IP operation in his speech. He said that the IP operation is entering the era of rejuvenation. In the favorable background of co-innovation of different fields as well as the support of the country’s policy and the strong demand of the industry, there comes the spring of IP operations! At the same time, however, he also pointed out six major pain points including the much lower rate of patent transfer and the patent industrialization in China compared with those in western developed countries, the imbalance of the internal distribution mechanism faced by IP operation and the disconnection between scientific research and the market. As a result, aimed at being a listed company, Jinxuan Group has established a commercial platform jointly organized and established by government, industry, school, research institution, finance and intermediaries and operated by Jinxuan Group to build the largest research broker platform in China on the basis of stable development.
Wu Wei, deputy general manager of marketing department of China Patent Technology Development Co., Ltd., drew forth Marshall Phelps’ IP economic management experience at IBM and Microsoft with the theme of The Operation and Management Strategies of Enterprises Intellectual Property by firstly introducing books including Burning Ships: Intellectual Property and the Transformation of Microsoft. Marshall modified the name of departments, and had access to the CEO's absolute authority over IP-related incidents, set the target for the number of patents and took a proactive patent policy in IBM, which made it rank first in the patent list of the United States. All these bold measures are worth learning and making reference for Chinese operation and management personnel of enterprise intellectual property. On the other hand, Wu Wei pointed out that IP risk is a potential crisis for enterprises, and enterprises should carry out the operation and management of IP based on the value hierarchy from defense infringement to cost control, profit creation, internal integration, and finally to vision outlook.
Yu Xiaojing, head of Shanghai Technology Transfer Innovation Practice Base, explained and analyzed the layout and operation of high-value patents from the aspects of the definition and common mode of high-value patents. She pointed out that high-value patents can imbue new technology inspiration to research and development teams, help them break through the technology bottleneck, improve the technical value of innovation achievements and increase the value of patents more effectively. High-value patents take enterprises as the main body and make the innovation achievements form patents or patent portfolios with high-quality and high market value that lead the development of the industry. Patents of high value are original and may monopolize an industry continuously since it is hard for other companies in the same field to steer clear of them. In addition, she also introduced the mode of "Seven-Step Precise Operation of Patents" about high-value patents which provided more suggestions for Anhui enterprises on the layout of high-value patents.
Communications between brand agencies and Anhui provincial public institutions
In the activity of synergy talk, brand agencies made synergy talk to enterprises and public institutions of Anhui and provided free consultation. 
In the following activities of promotion of policy environment and communication seminars, Zhang Guofeng from Anhui Intellectual Property Office and Cheng Yu from Science and Technology Bureau of High-Tech Zone in Hefei introduced the relevant policies of local IP. Beijing Bizsolution Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Guozhi Patent Warning Consulting Co., Ltd. and Wuhu Anhui Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. etc. shared experience in brand construction. Brand agencies and local service agencies had a discussion on the transformational development of traditional service agencies in the new era.
In the second-day activity of "To Promote Innovative Development of Anhui”, brand agencies also did research in the Institute of Advanced Technology of University of Science and Technology of China, IFLYTEK Co., Ltd. and QuantumCTek Co., Ltd.
In the Institute of Advanced Technology of University of Science and Technology of China, the staff there carefully explained the new researches and developments in different industries and areas made by the institute. In QuantumCTek Co., Ltd., the staff vividly explained the basic concepts of quantum and new applications of quantum in the future. Then, all of them visited the National Quantum Private Communication "Beijing-Shanghai Main Line" -- the Control Center of Quantum Science Experimental Satellite. On the one hand, brand agencies are surprised at the rapid growth made in the equipment and manufacturing industry, public security, new materials, biomedicine, unmanned aerial vehicles, new smarter energy and new energy automobile fields. On the other hand, brand agencies are deeply aware of the close relationship between IP and innovation & development. They conducted effective communication with the Institute of Advanced Technology of University of Science and Technology of China and QuantumCTek Co., Ltd..
In the following investigation of IFLYTEK Co., Ltd., the staff respectively introduced the series of intelligent applications and products developed by IFLYTEK to representatives of brand agencies. Whether it is an accurate smart speech input method, “adorable” home robot, or specialized and rapid pulmonary nodule evaluation systems, all of them showed the positive results of IFLYTEK in various fields and also showed the powerful spiritual strength of China's innovative enterprises who continuously made new breakthroughs.
In order to establish a bridge between supply and demand of IP services and to implement the strategic deployment of coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Province, "the Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, in line with the implementation of "Public Innovation of Mass Entrepreneurship" and as a response of relevant local Intellectual Property Offices, State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C. has organized 10 series of hand-in-hand activities on regional economic development in Tianjin, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Qingdao, Henan, Chongqing, Baoding and Jiangxi and other cities, attracting more than 1,200 enterprises and public institutions in total and contributing to much cooperation which has yielded tangible results. This event is the eleventh activity and will continue to hold in the future.
(Translated by Luo Xing)

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