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22,000 Industrial Biotech Patents Granted in China
China applied for 30 percent of the world's patents in the industrial biotech sector from 2014 to 2016, two institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced in Tianjin. Over the period, 57,559 patent applications in the sector were published in China, topping the world with a compound annual growth rate of 14.3 percent. Among those applications, 86 percent were filed by Chinese people. About 22,000 industrial biotech patents were granted in China over the same period.
Chinas Gross Expenditure of R&D Reaches 1.57 Trillion Yuan in 2016
China's gross expenditure for research and development grew from 1.03 trillion yuan ($156 billion) in 2012 to 1.57 trillion yuan in 2016, with 77.5 percent being spent by enterprises. China also has topped the world for the six consecutive years in patent applications, including 1.34 million in 2016, more than double that in 2012, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology. Those achievements are fueled by a total of 3.81 million science workers, the largest group in the world.
13 Thousand Trademark Law-Breaking Cases Investigated by Chinas Government in the First Half Year of 2017
In 2016, State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the P.R.C. and relevant market supervision departments investigated 28 thousand cases violating the Trademark Law, involving 3,500 million yuan amount. In the first half year of 2017, 13 thousand cases concerning the trademark infringement, counterfeiting etc. have been investigated and solved with the whole value of 1,420 million yuan. By the end of June, 2017, China Mainland has owned 13.452 million valid trademark registrations, indicating that every 7 market entities own 1 valid trademark, and every 10 thousand market entities own 1,472 valid trademarks. Foreigners designated China to apply for 22,314 international trademark registrations through Madrid System, leading the Madrid member countries since 2005.
Software Copyright Registrations Increase 96.9 % of China
The Copyright Protection Center of China announced in the early of November that the number of software copyright registrations nationwide in the first nine months of 2017 increased 96.9 % from the same period last year, a record growth rate for the last five years. In September alone, there were 74,351 registrations, up 90.2 percent year-on-year. Guangdong province topped the nation with 17,455 registrations, followed by Beijing with 16,974.
The Amount of Applications for Trademark Registration of China in the First 10 Months of 2017 Reaches 4.5 Million
China witnessed a sustainable and fast growth in applications for trademark registration, from 2017 January to October, the number of applications for trademark registration is about 4.5 million, 722 thousand more than last year’s 3.691 million. Until now, there are 105 admissibility windows for trademark registration and 49 acceptance points for trademark pledge application in Industry and Commerce and market regulating departments of 29 Provinces, Autonomous Regions and Municipalities. Trademark business fees have been reduced by 50%.
China Tops Patent, Trademark, Design Filings in 2016
Worldwide filings for patents, trademarks and industrial designs reached record heights in 2016 amid soaring demand in China, which received more patent applications than the combined total for the United States of America, Japan, the Republic of Korea and the European Patent Office. Innovators around the world filed 3.1 million patent applications in 2016, up 8.3% in a seventh straight yearly increase. China received about 236,600 of the nearly 240,600 additional patent filings, accounting for 98% of total growth. Trademark applications jumped by 16.4% to about 7 million, and worldwide industrial design applications grew by 10.4% to almost 1 million - both also driven by growth in China

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