16 Activities Including 8 Forums in 3 Days Focus on the Theme of Transformation - Reinstalling the IP Value of Enterprises

By Meteor Tang, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

On January 28, 2018, the 8th China IP International Annual Forum & 2018 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China hosted by China IP Magazine ended successfully. With the theme of Transformation —Reinstalling the IP Value of Enterprises, the 8th Annual Forum attracted guests from various countries or regions including China, the United States, France,Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Netherland, South Korea, Finland, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Latvia,Singapore etc. by making full use of its advantages of taking the lead in the IP industry and keeping pace with the developments as well as following the trend of the industry. There are more than 600 attendees in total covering representatives from governmental IP agency, experts and scholars, representatives from theIP service agencies, and IP managers from hundreds of different enterprises. Liu Chuntian, chairman of the China Intellectual Property Law Association; Lin Guanghai, deputy chief judge of IP Division, Supreme People's Court; and Ma Hao, president of International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property(AIPPI) attended and addressed the opening ceremony,with the host of Tommy Zhang, president and editor-in-chief of China IP magazine.
Forum of China IP Management Trend
On the Forum of China IP Management Trend,experts and scholars in academic circle and practice field discussed how to seek for transformation when reinstalling the IP value of enterprises, inventory of hot topics, focuses and standards of China IP administration,legislation and justice in 2017; predicted IP development trends and explored international and domestic IP development based on innovation in 2018. Su Chi,director of IP Case Guidance Research (Beijing) Base of the Supreme People's Court and president of Beijing IP Law Association, summarized and made his comments on the work of judicial trials on intellectual property in China over the past three years. Lei Xiaoyun, director of Patent Management Division of SIPO, made her speeches on the theme of "Strengthening IP Creation, Protection andApplication of Intellectual Property to Support Innovative Driven Development. Jiang Danming, executive vice president of Chofn IP, shared the "Regression Strategy of Enterprises' Patent Value". Ma Yufeng, chief representative/partner of Orrick (Shanghai Branch), Gao Chenhao, IP director of SenseTime, Jürgen Feldmeier,managing partner of Prüfer & Partner mbB (Germany) and Meng Tan, president of IP Master all gave their speeches on themes including "The Latest Development of China Enterprises Doing Standard Essential Patent Licensing Negotiation and Litigation", "IP Development in the Era of AI", "Possibilities of IP Protection in Germany and Europe" and "Data Indicating the Value of IP". The Forum of China IP Management Trend was hosted by ZhouYan, secretary-general of China Intellectual Property Development Alliance.
Forum of China IP Management Practice
The Forum invites practitioners from the most representative enterprises and organizations to share their IP management experience and ideas in the development of enterprises, focus on skill enhancement and self-value realization of IP managers and explore what is and how to reinstall the IP value of enterprises.Distinguished guests who attended the China IP Management Practice and delivered speeches were Lin Taoxi, IP director of HEC Group; Yu Shun, deputy general manager of Lung Tin International Intellectual Property Agent. Ltd.; Zhao Yonghui, partner of ADVANCE CHINA IPLAW OFFICE; Alona Sivcova, attorney and agent of Agency TRIA ROBIT (Latvia); Li Xiangdong, partner of HENGDU Law Firm and Chen Pei, IP Legal director of DiDi. The forum was hosted by Qu Xiaoyang, director of Northeast Asia Region IP Department of Siemens (China) Ltd.
Panel One: The Opportunities and Challenges of IP in the Age of AI
Distinguished guests engaged in the discussion include Jiao Yan, deputy chief judge of IP Division, Beijing Higher People's Court; Zhang Xiaojin, presiding judge of Beijing IP Court; Tang Zhiming, deputy minister of the Examining Division of Electro-optical Technology Invention, SIPO;Li Xi, deputy director of the Appeals Office for the Application of Information Technology of the Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO; Qin Jian, general manager of the Patent Affairs Department of Baidu Co., Ltd.; and Liu Xuefei, general manager of the Law and IP Department of Foton Co. Ltd. Qin Yuanming, presiding judge of the IP Division, Supreme People's Court, and Qu Sanqiang, executive vice president of Beijing Intellectual Property Association summarized the discussion. The Seminar was hosted by Li Yang, professor and doctoral supervisor of Law School/IPR School of Sun Yat-sen University.
Panel Two: How to Face and Deal With Gradually Complicated IP Disputes
In the seminar of "How to Face and Deal With Gradually Complicated IP Disputes", Tao Jun, judge of the IP Division, Beijing Higher People's Court; Shi Qing, Brand Protection manager of New Balance (China); Wang Shan,director of the Litigation Department (Shanghai Branch)of Beijing LUSHENG Law Firm; Jiang Nandi, partner of Beijing LUSHENG Law Firm; Yue Lihao, judge of IP Division, Guangdong Higher People's Court; and Weng Li, director of Patent Appeals Department of Beijing LUSHENG Law Firm all gave their keynote speeches on trademark infringement and brand protection and had further discussion on these issues. The seminar was hosted by Cheng Yongshun, director of Beijing Intellectual Property Institute.
Panel Three: IP Tips for Enterprises Entering America—Skills of Patent Confirmation and Litigation Avoidance
In the Panel Three, guests discussed issues such as how can Chinese companies do to deal with patent lawsuit with American companies and how to manage IP Portfolios in the United States. The guests engaged in the discussion included Zhang Xuejun, deputy presiding judge of the IP Division, Guangdong Higher People's Court; Chen Xi,deputy chief of International Project Division of SIPO; David Xue; partner of Duane Morris LLP (United States); Ke Xiaopeng, general manager of the IP Department of Visionox; Wu Shaobo, director of IP Department for Household Appliances of Gree Electric Appliances Inc. Of Zhuhai; Meng Tan, founder and chair of the Board of IP Master; Lin Songtao, co-founder of the IP Master and Qin Weizhong, vice general-manager of Beijing Brightip Co.Ltd. The seminar was hosted by Gao Yongyi, secretary-general of Beijing Patent Attorneys Association.
Panel Four: How to Effectively Manage Global IP Portfolios & The 2018 Annual Meeting of Alliance of Global Intellectual Property Service
On "How to Effectively Manage Global IP Portfolios& The 2018 Annual Meeting of Alliance of Global Intellectual Property Service", Tomotaka Homma, Directorof Intellectual Property Rights Department of JETROBEIJING and Sun Yue, secretary general of Copyright Society of China attended the forum and gave their address. Sasee Uthai, Partner (Head of IP department),STLO ASIA LTD; Yoshitaka Sonoda, director of Sonoda& Kobayashi IP Law Firm; Tracy Li, patent manager of Beijing Yestar IP Co. Ltd; Chris Benson and Hsu MinChung, partners of HGF Limited (United Kingdom);Wang Wenying, secretary general of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Hong Kong Arbitration Center, and Sylvain Hirsch, CEO of IP TWINSall gave their speeches respectively on the theme of"Latest IP Update in Thailand & South East Asia", "Prospectof Invention Created in China, Japan, USA or Europe","How to Improve Efficiency of IP Portfolio Planning in China", "Patent Strategies in Europe", "How to Designthe Best Solution for Disputes" and "The Consequences of GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) on IPR in EU and China”. The forum was hosted by Catherine Lee, executive secretary-general of Alliance of Global Intellectual Property Service.
Panel Five: Judicial Application Seminar of Internet Regulations in New Anti-Unfair Competition Law of P.R.C.
Liu Xiaojun, presiding judge of the IP Division of Beijing Higher People's Court; Ou Lihua, judge from the IP Division of Guangdong Higher People's Court; Huang Congzhen, deputy presiding judge of the IP Division of Fujian Provincial Higher People's Court; Yao Bingbing,presiding judge of the IP Division of Nanjing Intermediate People's Court; Du Changhui, presiding judge of Beijing Intellectual Property Court; She Chaoyang, judge of Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court; Yang Dejia, judge from the Fifth Civil Tribunal of Beijing Haidian People's Court, and Diao Yunyun, deputy director of Litigation Department of Tencent, all discussed on the issues concerning Internet regulations in New Anti-Unfair Competition Law of China. The seminar was hosted by Deng Hongguang, professor of Southwest University of Political Science & Law.
China IP Judges Forum (the 4th Episode)
On January 28, China IP Judges Forum (the 4th Episode)was successfully convened. Zhou Bo, judge From the IP Division of Beijing Higher People's Court; Zhang Lingling, judge of Beijing IP Court, and Chen Yang,judge of IP Division, Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court all gave their address respectively on the theme of "Judicial Borderline of Curbing MaliciousTrademark Registration", "Judicial Judgment of Malicious Trademark Registration Behaviors Under the Trademark Registration System" and "Judicial Regulation on the Infringement in Civil Malicious Trademark Registration". During the discussion,Deng Hong guang, professor of Southwest University of Political Science & Law; Qin Yuanming, presiding judge of the IP Division, Supreme People's Court; Yao Bingbing, presiding judge of the IP Division of Nanjing Intermediate People's Court; Rui Songyan, judge of Beijing IP Court; She Chaoyang, judge of Guangzhou IP Court; Yu Hui, president of Beijing Municipality Haidian District Vision IP Innovation Institute and XuYan, general manager of IP Department of Tencent all further exchanged their opinions and discussed on issues concerning malicious trademark registration.The discussion was hosted by Li Yang, professor of Law School of Sun Yat-sen University.
Awarding Ceremony & Gala Dinner of the 2018 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China
In the evening of January 27, the "Awarding Ceremony& Gala Dinner of the 2018 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China" was grandly convened.The Gala Dinner were hosted by the joint efforts of Qi Kai, senior bilingual host of China Internet Information Center of State Council Information Office, and Li Xue, editorial director of Editorial Department, China IP Magazine. During the Gala Dinner, various awards are announced among which includes "2017 Outstanding In-house IP Managers in China", "2017 Outstanding IP Service Teams in China", "2017 Outstanding IP Management Teams in China" and "2017 China IP Most Influential People". The selection of annual outstanding intellectual property agencies and people, as one of the important agenda of each annual conference, has always been concerned and expected by intellectual property community. Over the past forums, there have been dozens of experts and scholars, heads of the intellectual property agency, in-house IP managers as well as hundreds of intellectual property service institutes,departments of intellectual property administration winning the awards above.
Awards List of 2018 Annual Conference of In-House IP Managers in China
2017 Outstanding IP Managers in China
Chang Wenfen
Legal & IP Director of Ningbo
Semiconductor International Corporation
Chen Pei
IP Director of DIDI
Chen Yan
General Counsel of Ctrip Network
Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Chen Zhijun
IP Manager of Yingli Solar (China) Co., Ltd.
Cheng Meng
Director of IPR&Science Program Division,
Enraytek Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.
Cui Hang
Manager of IP Operation Department of Global
Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Cui Yongping
Chief IP Officer of Rechsand Science &
Technology Group
Dai Wei
IP Counsel of Philips Lighting (China)
Investment Co., Ltd.
Fan Yanwei
Senior Manager of IP Department of
Jingdong Group
Hao Xianxian
Deputy Director of Law Department of Beijing
Sogou Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Kong Xiangsheng
Director of IP Department of Livzon
Pharmaceutical Group Inc.
Lin Taoxi
IP Director of HEC Group
Liu Hui  
IP Director of WuXi AppTec
Liu Yi
Legal Manager of Rosenberger Aisa Pacific
Electronic Co., Ltd. (Asia Pacific)
Luo Li
Director of IP Department of Shengyi
Technology Co., Ltd.
Wang Lei
Senior Legal Councel of Sina.Com
Technology (China) Co.,Ltd.
Wang Ruofei
Senior Patent Manager of CHERVON
Wang Zhenkai
Director of IP Department, CloudMinds
Wu Shaobo
IP Director of Gree Electric Appliances Inc.
of Zhuhai
Yang Jiejing
IP Manager of Spreadtrum
Communications, Inc. (Shanghai)
Yu Bangqing
North Asia Brand Protection Head of
Yun Guiling
IP Director of Beijing Dabeinong
Technology Group Co., Ltd
Zhang Lihong
IP Manager of Neusoft Corporation
Awards List of 2018 Annual Conference of In-House IP Managers in China
2017 Outstanding IP Management Teams in China
YY Legal Department
Intellectual Property Department of Siemens CT China
Visionox IP Department
Intellectual Property Department of GrandPharma Group
DJI IP Department
IP Management Office of Goldwind
Intellectual Property Department of SenseTime Group Inc.
Patent Strategy Department of Baidu
2017 Outstanding IP Service Teams in China
Beshining IP Service Team
HENGDU IP Service Team
Watson&Band IP Service Team
ACIP IP Service Team
Unitalen IP Service Team
Jiaquan IP Service Team
Kangxin IP Service Team
Lung Tin IP Service Team
Questel IP Service Team
Sanyou IP Service Team
Wanhuida Peksung IP Service Team
Co-effort IP Service Team
China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. Service Team
Lusheng IP Service Team
Beyond Attorneys at Law
Scihead IP Service Team
CCPIT Patent And Trademark Law Office IP Service Team
Even Law Firm IP Service Team
IP HOUSE IP Service Team
2017 China IP Most Influential People
Su Chi (宿迟)
Su Chi, the doctor of laws graduated from the Law School of Beijing University, is the director of IP Case Guidance Research (Beijing)Base of the Supreme People's Court,the deputy president of China Intellectual Property Law Association and the president of Beijing IP Law Association.
Su Chi was appointed as the first presiding judge of China's first IP Tribunal — the IP Tribunal of Beijing Intermediate People's Court.From December, 2014 to December,2017, he assumed the office of the president of China's first IP court —Beijing IP Court.
As one of the most experienced IP judge in China, Su Chi has tried many typical cases with great influence including the "Walt Disney Pictures v. Beijing Publishing House case", "China's first case with full attendance of the adjudicative committee of Supreme People's Court", "China Iwncomm Co., Ltd.v. Sony case concerning the SEP"etc. During his leadership in Beijing IP Court, Su Chi dominated the mechanism reform of jurisdiction,the work of IP Case Guidance etc. To provide precious experience for the construction of IP Rights protection with China's characteristics, in order to strengthen the protection of IP rights and achieve the effectiveness of the judicial protection.
In 2015, Su Chi was awarded as one of the 50 most influential people in IP in the world by Managing IP.
IP Communication Tour
On January 28, the Alliance of Global Intellectual Property Service (AGIPS) together with China IP Magazine invited the AGIPS members and elites from global intellectual property community, to start an IP Communication Tour.
There are three stations in this communication tour:the attendees visited the Capital Museum to appreciate the history; had lunch in QUANJUDE Peking Duck (He Ping Men Branch) to talk about the Chinese Cuisine,and finally visited China World Trade Center Tower 3to enjoy the night scene and had a seminar, enjoying the bird’s eye-view of Beijing which integrates tradition and modernization, and shared experience on global intellectual property.
The 8th China IP International Annual Forum & 2018Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China provided the latest developments of intellectual property information at home and abroad for insiders of intellectual property industry, opportunities for them to acquire practical fruits of intellectual property management for enterprise, tried its best to promote the interconnection and sharing of intellectual property resources at home and abroad.
The forum has become a great opportunity for enterprises in China and the world to establish a sound reputation and expand their public recognition, enlarge their contacts.
The 8th China IP International Annual Forum & 2018Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China is a practical gala, a successful exploration to the development trend of intellectual property; a pioneering and innovative gala which delivers and shares management philosophy and experience of enterprise intellectual property; an unprecedented gala announcing the most influential agencies and people in the intellectual property community in China in the year of 2017.
This forum is also a gala which keeps pace with time, strengthens the communications among intellectual property industries in China and around the whole world and promotes the sharing of resources as well as prosperous development in intellectual property industry.
(Translated by Li Ansong)

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