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From the perspective of enterprise IP management practices, Forum of China IP Management Practice shared the practical experiences of IP management during the enterprise development, explored the value realization of enterprise IP, and assisted in expertise promotion and occupational development for IP managers.
From the perspective of the significance of innovation and IP, the host Qu Xiaoyang, Chief IP Consultant of Medtronic, Inc. in China, believes that the economic development in the modern society relies on the chain reaction o f innovation, but China does not fully solve the problem how t o push ahead economic development through innovation. On the one hand, all relevant statistical data of IP are increasing in the consecutive years. On the other hand, the economic growth data do not increase proportionally.
Therefore, he believes that IP must be pragmatic. When mentioning the IP management in the start - up enterprises, Mr. L iu Xiaochen, Senior Director of Global IP of NIO, believes that start-up enterprises usually own few patents during the stage of start-up so they shall seek a balance between prevention from being sued and prevention from being infringed. They shall take passive preventive measures and establish positive prevention in order to avoid risks. To this end, the patent application shall high light quality more than quantity, the application of core patents may not be disclosed beforehand, important projects shall be applied by enterprises owned, by themselves, new practical patents may not be negligible, and risk prevention shall be established.
When answering the question of how the value of IP is reflected in enterprises, Mr. Lin Yuqing, Partner of Lung Tin IP Agent Ltd., indicated that China' s IP managers shall make full use of the tool of patent competitiveness intelligence analysis. At present, China' s enterprises are weak in the patent competitiveness intelligence analysis. The patent team work is mainly focused on patent application and patent layout. They lack knowledge on current technical conditions inside and outside the industry, the current position and development prospects of their own technologies, technical research and development strategy selection. I n the coming years, the patent competitiveness intelligence analysis will become an inelastic demand of enterprise IP management.
Mr. Dou Xinlei, General Manager o f Beijing Hartend, gave a lecture about the IP value in the commercial competition, and he believed that enterprises shall exploit the value of IP from the perspective of innovation protection and commercial competition. Patent is a part in the market competition, trade secret is also a part in the market competition. Enterprises shall make full use of IP as a means of competition so as to maximize their commercial values, including explicit patent, trademark, copyright, implicit trade secret, and IP provisions in foreign contracts.
Mr. Zhao Li jie, IP Director of Megvii Technology Limited, shared the rule of IP management in all enterprises including tech unicorns, which consists of one goal (promote enterprises' commercial competitiveness), two objects (rights and risks), three conceptions (empowerment, mutual benefits and prospect), four principles (whole businesses, whole process, full embedding and focusing key areas), and five dimensions (team, culture, regulations, resources and tools).

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