2018 China IP Most Influential People

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Kong Xiangjun
Dean of KoGuan School of Law, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Dean of Intellectual Property and Competition Law Academy of Shanghai JiaoTong University
As an authoritative scholar with experience in the field of Chinese intellectual property law research, Professor Kong Xiangjun has focused on groundbreaking research in the field of intellectual property law and competition law, and has actively promoted the development of China's intellectual property and competition law in both theory and practice. His views and policy claims have broad implications in both theoretical and practical ways.
He led the study of intellectual property law policy, judicial philosophy and legal methods, applied philosophy, legal philosophy and legal methods to the application of intellectual property law, and creatively constructed a set of intellectual property judicial philosophical theories and laws with Chinese characteristics. He also put forward an intellectual property judicial concept and policy system of “strengthening protection, classifying and treating differently”. He led the application of applied law in the field of intellectual property, and many of his ideas have been adopted in judicial practice and have a wide range of practical influence. He pioneered the study of competition law, and his book Theory and Practice of China’s Anti-monopoly Law was the earliest monograph on anti-monopoly practice in China.
He is also deeply involved in the revision of the Trademark Law of 2013 and the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of 2017, and actively promotes international exchanges and cooperation in intellectual property.
Lyu Guoliang
Consultant of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) China Office Specialist of the Hague System
As an international organization official who has made outstanding contributions to promoting the development of intellectual property in China as well as international intellectual property cooperation and exchange, Lyu Guoliang has served as the Deputy Director and Director of the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC (CNIPA), Department of International Cooperation. He has also served as the Senior Consultant of the WIPO Brand and Industrial Design Registration Department, as well as the Deputy Director of the WIPO China Office.
As early as in 1998-2010, Lyu Guoliang formed an indissoluble bond with WIPO when serving as Deputy Director and Director of the Department of International Cooperation in the State Intellectual Property Office.
In 2010-2014, as a senior consultant of the WIPO Brand and Industrial Design Registration Department, Lyu Guoliang mainly engaged in the research, consultation and coordination of legal and technical aspects of China’s accession to the Hague System. He has done a lot of fruitful work in promoting China’s early entry into the Hague Agreement and in introducing Chinese companies to seek overseas protection of industrial designs through the Hague System.
In 2014-2017, as the Deputy Director of the WIPO China Office, a WIPO PCT, and a Specialist of Madrid and Hague System, Lyu Guoliang did a lot of promotion and popularization for Chinese companies to understand and utilize the global service resources provided by WIPO, especially the Hague System.
Song Jian
Deputy Inspector and Member of the Judicial Committee of Jiangsu Higher People’s Court Senior Judge National Trial Business Expert
As a judicial worker who has been active in the field of intellectual property judicial trials, Judge Song Jian graduated from the Faculty of Law of Peking University in 1982 and has been working in the Jiangsu Higher People’s Court from 2008 to 2016, she served as the President of the Jiangsu Higher People’s IP Tribunal, and fought on the front line of judicial trials for decades.
She actively and substantively promoted the progress of the “three-in-one” trial of intellectual property rights in Jiangsu courts and heard a number of typical cases that were influential in China. Her presiding cases are selected into the 50 typical cases of intellectual property trials in national courts every year. She has been involved in trials for many years, and her new case of a plant variety dispute was selected into the 10 major innovative cases of China’s intellectual property judicial protection in 2013, and was published as a guiding case by the Supreme People's Court on March 9, 2017.
In 2012, she was awarded the first batch of “National Intellectual Property Leaders” by the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC (CNIPA); in 2014, she was named the “National Trial Business Expert” by Supreme People's Court; in 2015 and 2018, she was selected twice as Researcher at Supreme People's Court, Center for Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

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