The Reality and Perplexities in Counterfeit Crackdown and IPR Protection

Issue 29 By Doris Li,[Comprehensive Reports]

In January 2009, Silk Street Market shut down several stalls for selling counterfeit goods. It aroused great attention and surfaced some issues on counterfeit crackdown and IPR protection. In fact, counterfeit crackdown is one side of IP investigation. In the field of IP investigation, there are many and problems. When facing these problems, investigation companies, enterprises and other aspects all have different perplexities.

On March 27, People’s Daily Online IP Salon invited Mr. Bai Gang, Senior Partner of Wan Hui Da Intellectual Property Agency, Mr. Hu Qi, Chairman of IntellecPro and Mr. Li Changxu, Chairman of China United Intellectual Property Protection Center (CUIPPC) to have a discussion on the reality and perplexities in counterfeit crackdown and IPR protection.


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