Standards Copyright Protection in China: No Time to Delay

Anne Zhang, Aimee Wang, Sarah Luo, China IP,[Copyright]

China has been gradually integrating into the global economy more deeply and extensively since its accession to WTO. This is a process which has witnessed China's efforts to establish regulations which are consistent with WTO rules in order to constantly strengthen the protection and promotion of China's enterprises' competitiveness across the world. Standardization has played an important role in the ongoing industrial structure adjustments, market order regulations and the improvements of the international competitiveness of Chinese products. The basis for standardization is dependent on the development and protection of standards, whether they are national or international. It is common knowledge that the music, movie and entertainment industry have all suffered greatly from the illegal flow of digital copies of creative works. Therefore, the puzzle of how to combat piracy has been a source of confusion for most international standard organizations for many years. It has been recognized as one of the most urgent issues to address in the ongoing effort to strengthen the creation of standards and the protection of IP in China.

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