The wounded Apple

2012/8/9By Doris Li, Jessie Chen, Jody Lu, Wendy Sun (Reporter Intern), China IP,[Trademark]

In the tablet PC market, Apple has never had any rival before. However, just as the old saying in China goes, it “suffered a great setback due to carelessness.” As of press time of this issue of our magazine, there still has been no resolution to the trademark dispute between Apple and Proview, and all the domestic and foreign enterprises are watching this dramatic dual meet, which might become the most eye-catching IP battle of the year.

Presently, the influence of the trademark dispute between Apple and Proview is no longer limited to the two enterprises. The problems surfaced through this case have sounded the alarm for enterprises both at home and abroad. Many controversial issues occurred during this process such as due diligence, how enterprises should scheme their trademark strategy, the application of internal laws, discussions upon the current laws of China, etc. These issues should not only be warnings for foreign enterprises that want to enter the Chinese market; with the development of the Chinese economy, more and more Chinese enterprises are going out into the international market, and these problems might also be lurking on their roads. One small mistake might become a snake in the grass during the future development for an enterprise, causing large amounts of losses.

China IP has followed the event for months and has consulted many lawyers and scholars about their opinions on the iPad trademark dispute, trying to provide readers with an in-depth report on this case from the perspectives of how enterprises can perfect their trademark strategies and how to avoid the problems seen in this case.


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