The 3rd China IP Annual Forum Awards List

2013/3/21China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

China IP Lifetime Achievement Award
Guo Shoukang
Professor and Academic Supervisor for LL.D. candidates at the Law School of Renmin University of China
Guo Shoukang is known as the leading authority on intellectual property law and international trade. He is the Chairman of the Academic Committee of the Intellectual Property Institute of Renmin University of China and the host of the UNESCO Copyright Chair. He has trained a large number of legal professionals; many of whom now have become leaders in their fields. Prof. Guo is the only expert who has participated in drafting several of the most important intellectual property laws and regulations in China, including the Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Unfair Competition Law and Regulation for Computer Software Protection. As the Chinese government delegate, he attended the conference for the amendment of the Paris Convention on the Protection of Industrial Property in 1980. In 1986, he became a member of the expert committee in the negotiation of rejoining the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Between 1989 and 1992, he participated in the first round of the Sino-America IPR Negotiations as well as China’s WTO accession negotiation.
China IP Most Influential People (2012)
Jack Chang
Senior IP Counsel, GE (China) Co., Ltd.
Before joining GE in 2006, Jack Chang worked for Johnson & Johnson since 1989 as an inhouse legal counsel in Taiwan and was relocated to China in 1998. He is also known as the Vice Chairman of the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI) as well as the founder and Chairman of Quality Brands Protection Committee of CAEFI (QBPC). With the aim of building better communication between foreign companies and the government, he works hard to eliminate misconceptions that might become obstacles to good cooperative relationships. He has been awarded as one of “The Most Influential People in IP.” Many of his suggestions on legislative amendments have been adopted, including the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Product Quality and the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China. He has reported on IP work to authorities in the central government several times and has made many constructive recommendations. Under Jack Chang’s leadership, QBPC’s performance in recent years has been impressive. It is gradually becoming a highly recognized organization with greater influence.
Liu Chuntian
Dean of the Intellectual Property Academy of Renmin University of China
Liu Chuntian is a Professor and Academic Supervisor for LL.D. candidates. He is also known as the Chairman of the China Intellectual Property Law Society, Vice Chairman of the Copyright Society of China and Vice President of the China Trademark Association. He decided to pursue a career in IP since he was a student when attending a seminar at Renmin University in 1984. He learned the importance of mechanism and technology in the development of the society, and realized the significance of a favorable protection system of these innovations which can be commercialized and promote living standards for the people. For years, he has adhered to an independent academic spirit, and has many great achievements in his research of civil law, commercial law and intellectual property law. He is a pioneer of systematic intellectual property law education and has great influence in this field. He has participated in the legislation of many IP laws. As the first Chairman of the China Intellectual Property Law Society, he has organized the Society members involved in the theoretical research of the current practical IP issues, invited them to offer suggestions to the legislature, and expanded foreign exchange channels. He has made great contributions to China’s IP legislation construction and development.
Qu Sanqiang
Dean of the Law School of Beijing Institute of Technology
Qu Sanqiang is a Professor and Academic Supervisor for LL.D. candidates of the Law School of Beijing Institute of Technology as well as the Law School and the Intellectual Property School of Peking University. His expertise covers both criminal law and intellectual proper ty law, which has won him the name of “Compound Talent” in the legal field. Recently, with years of efforts, the book Intellectual Property Law in China written by Prof. Qu has finally been published worldwide by the highly reputed Kluwer Law International publishing house. The book is among the few masterpieces written by Chinese authors in English to fully and systematically interpret Chinese intellectual property law since the adoption of reform and the opening-up policy. Following the arrival of the book, the intellectual property law concepts and legal system with Chinese characteristics will be introduced to the West, which furnishes a classical text for countries practicing other systems to learn and understand the relevant Chinese legal concepts and system. The release of the book not only exhibits the glorious achievement in the field of Chinese intellectual property law research, but also embodies the gradual maturation of Chinese intellectual property legal theory as well as legal system.
Outstanding In-house IP Managers in China (2012)
Chen Luchang
Director of the Intellectual Property Department, SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Chen Luchang performed R&D and design work from 1996 to 1999 since he joined SANY and later in 2000 moved to the technology management department. He became a professional IP management practitioner in 2001. In his 11 years of IP management he has set up and constructed the IP management system for SANY and has won the award of “Advanced Worker in IP Management in Enterprises and Public Institutions” in 2007. He has been selected as one of the 100 high-level talents under the “Bai Qian Wan Intellectual Property Talent Project” in 2011.
Chen Yuanqing
Patent Senior Manager, Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Chen Yuanqing’s working experience can be described as “simple.” She has 12 years working experience but has worked for only one single company since she started her career. When she first joined Lenovo in 2001, her work was to promote IP knowledge. She has adhered to IP related work as she has matured with Lenovo in these last 12 years. With solid professional IP knowledge, she has witnessed every step of Lenovo’s IP development. Under her leadership, the IP team has become the driving force in the development of Lenovo.
Elizabeth Chien-Hale
IP Director, Eaton Asia Pacific Elizabeth
Chien-Hale, as an American patent attorney, has considerable expertise in dealing with transnational IP protection. She once worked for Apple Inc. as a senior legal consultant and Greater China coordinator, and now is the IP Director of Eaton Asia Pacific. She is highly regarded in professional organizations: member of the Executive Committee of the American Society of International Law as well as the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA). She had invited AIPLA members to give suggestions on the legislation of China’s Intellectual Property Law. She has founded the Asian Intellectual Property Institute and has organized various public service activities to promote communications on laws and regulations between the US and Asian countries, especially China.
Gong Chaohong
IP Manager, Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.
Gong Chaohong started her work in Feitian in 2005. Her intellectual property experience, which was almost nonexistent at the very beginning, grew with the company’s four years of litigation. She started with little understanding about patents. Ms. Gong began to write patent specifications and patent claims with the help of attorneys, meanwhile she learned patent laws and regulations on her own. With accumulated theoretical knowledge and working experience, Ms. Gong, in her early thirties has already become Feitian’s IP Manager. She is currently in charge of the company’s IP business and is now taking patent examination, fostering young talent and formulating IP strategy as the main focus of her work. She has made remarkable achievements in the IP field.
Huang Jing
IP Supervisor of Legal & IP Dept., aigo Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Huang Jing is responsible for the management of corporate intellectual property, he has extensive expertise in IP infringement litigation and is keen on IP promulgation work. He has jointly issued the “Intellectual Property Rights Lecture Theatre” CD-ROM with Beijing Intellectual Property Office, he is also the co-author of German Exhibition Intellectual Property Dispute Guidelines. Meanwhile, he served as the expert in the subject research of “Overseas Exhibition IPR Dispute” launched by national intellectual property development research center. Moreover, he is a member of the Beijing IP young lecturer volunteer group, founder and Co-Chairman of Beijing Intellectual Property Salon, and one of the draftsmen of Enterprise IP Management Criteria.
Li Qianjiang
Depute Manager of Legal Affairs Division, Director of Intellectual Property Office, Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.
Foton is expanding rapidly in the motor industry under the name “Foton Speed”, its brand value reaches up to 42.8 billion yuan. IP has played a meritorious role in the company’s great achievements. Li Qianjiang, as the Depute Manager of Foton’s Legal Affairs Division and the Director of Intellectual Property Office, has made remarkable contributions to the development of the IP team. He worked in two manufacturing enterprises, Foxconn Technology Group and BYD Auto Co., Ltd. before working for Foton. Therefore, with 10 years of practical experience in enterprise IP management, he has a deep understanding of IP. Under his efforts, Foton’s IP management system has become well developed; its IP department has expanded from a single trademark management department to a comprehens ive department involving patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret management.
Li Wenqi
Manager of Intellectual Property Department, China Telecom Guangzhou Research Institute
Working in the China Telecom Guangzhou Research Center, Li Wenqi gradually became the top IP manager and consultant in the field with the development of IP in the telecom industry. He studied Art while attending his university, but is quite accomplished in using patent information. He took the lead in bringing innovative training and team building techniques into the IP system, and has developed a unique IP training course which is warmly welcomed. He was invited to give over 200 lectures to various enterprises and related government units. As the head of IPS Guangzhou branch, he highly regards IPS’ sharing spirit, i.e. two heads are better than one, and gladly shares.
Liu Xiaoqing
Legal Director, Le Shi Internet Information & Technology Corp., Ltd.
Liu Xiaoqing has run upon legal issues in internet copyright by chance and indulged herself in it. Le Shi is in this young but fast growing new industry, it has faced a great deal of litigation at the beginning; however she led the team advanced with reverses. Every year, the team may experienced thousands of cases during the protection of their most precious IP assets. Ms. Liu shared her experience, “the internet industry is changing incessantly, there is no absolute authority, people should have long-term vision and be sensitive to opportunities. Discovering, innovating and learning constantly to adapt and surpass.”
Liu Yonggang
IP Manager, Emerson Electric (China) Holdings Co., Ltd.
Liu Yonggang, graduated from the School of Mechanica l Engineering of Tianjin University and the Law School of Renmin University, has also won the excellent graduate award in 2004. He worked in Emerson Asia Pacific R&D center of the Network Power business group and a well-known medical device company respectively before he became the IP manager. The patent application of the R&D center doubled within two years under his leadership. He has handled several litigations on trade secrets, patents, trademarks and unfair competition, and has made remarkable achievements. He is familiar with IP issues on enterprise merger, acquisition and listing, and has 10 years of experience on enterprise IP management, operation and right-safeguarding.
Naomi Abe Voegtli
Vice President of Global Intellectual Property China/ Emerging Markets, SAP
Naomi Abe Voegtli earned her J.D. from the Har vard Law School. She is a member of SAP’s China Growth Plan executive team. Her work scope includes: management, development and implementation of SAP-wide global intellectual property strategies with focus on China and other emerging markets; manages all aspects of intellectual property enforcement and monetization issues in Asia- Pacific including litigation, strategic transaction and portfolio development; globally responsible for public policy advocacy on intellectual property-related issues; manages all aspects of intellectual property issues related to engagements in standards organizations; manages intellectual property asset acquisitions and sales including asset identification, due diligence, valuation and transaction etc.
Qu Xiaoyang
Director of Corporate IP, Siemens (China)
Qu Xiaoyang has established and now manages Siemens’ IP department. He has provided professional IP services to Siemens’ other business departments with his extensive experience, ranging from energy, industry, medicine to infrastructure. His team has participated in IP strategy formulating and operating program through 18 business groups, and has kept a good record in patent litigation; it saved hundreds of millions yuan for the company with its successful anti-counterfeiting strategy and sales promotion plan. Before he joined Siemens, he went to Germany’s Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur F?rderung der Wissenschaften e.V. as a visiting scholar. He has worked in many different departments in the State Intellectual Property Office of China where he received trainings from the European Patent Office (EPO), the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) and the Bundespatentgericht. He is now the Vice Chairman of the IP Committee of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and the Chairman of Patent and Innovation Committee of QBPC.
Ren Feng
IP Manager, Panasonic Corporation of China
Having studied in Japan in the early 1990s, Ren Feng then worked in the second largest patent agency in Osaka for 6 years on patent applications for electronic equipment. She joined the Panasonic Corporation of Japan in 2001, and has become the first Chinese employee of the IP department. She came back to Panasonic Corporation in China in 2006 and now is the General Manager of the Intellectual Property Department. Seven years under her leadership, the department has made extraordinary progress which serves well for the company’s localization development strategy.
Song Qiaoli
Manager of the IP Department, North Microelectronics (NMC)
Since 2006, Song Qiaoli has been in charge of establishing the company’s IP management system. She led the IP team and founded the IP management model during R&D, set up the IP information platform and established the company’s internal patent database. With Song and her team’s great efforts, NMC now is among the first patent demonstration units of Beijing as well as the IP pilot enterprise of China. She is among the first members of Beijing Enterprises IP Expert Group, and has won the award of “Excellent Worker of the National Patent Application and Industrialization.” Wang Haibo IPR Director, ZTE Konwn as the IPR Director of ZTE Wang Haibo is also the Vice Minister of Law Department and Corporation. After his graduation from the Renmin University of China in 2000, he began to work in ZTE. During his 12 years work in IP management, Wang has experienced several revolutionary reformations on the company’s IP strategy and business focus. By the end of 2011, ZTE had applied for 11,000 international patents and has over 60% of the new technology market share, including LTE/3G cloud computing, internet and intelligent terminal. According to statistics published by WIPO in March 2012, ZTE’s overtook Panasonic Corporation as the top PCT applicant in 2011.
Wang Huotao
Assistant General Manager of the Intellectual Property Department, Associate IP Researcher, Tencent Technologies
As a national leading talent, he is in the national intellectual property expert database and has been selected as one of the 100 high-level talents under the “Bai Qian Wan Intellectual Property Talent Project.” He is a member of Shenzhen IP Expert Committee, senior judge of the Shenzhen high / intermediate level of IP professional qualification judging panel. What’s more, he is the vice-president of the Patent Protection Association of China, and founder and rotating president of the Enterprise IPR Manager Salon.
Yang Xuri
Intellectual Property & Intellectual Capital Director, Peking University Founder Group Co., Ltd.
After ten years working hard on IP, standardization and intangible assets management, Yang Xuri finally improves the company to become a model enterprise of the State Intellectual Property Office, and enhances its IP competitiveness. He has been involved in the planning and demonstration for many litigations which have set precedents for later litigations. He is now a member of the China Technology Exchange Committee, China software protection union and Beijing IP protection association, China Trademark Association, and also the principal expert in intangible assets research group of SIPO.
Yi Wei
Board Secretary and General Manager of Legal Department, Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited
Yi Wei received her education in Wuhan University and the Business School of the University of Birmingham. After 12 years working in Kingdee, her innovative IP management concept and strategy as well as her tremendous efforts have achieved great success in the exploration and innovation for the company’s IP development.
Zhang Gaoxiang
Principal IP Counsel of Intellectual Property & Standards Department, Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Zhang Gaoxiang has an admirable educational background: Bachelor of Engineering of Tongji University, Master of International Business Management granted jointly by Fudan University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master of Laws of Renmin University of China and Northwestern University of America. Meanwhile, he has several professional qualifications such as patent attorney, lawyer, engineer and programmer etc. He has accumulated extensive experiences in enterprise IP management for over 10 years, his practice area includes brand protection, patent writing, patent litigation, patent licensing, PCT procedure, infringement analysis, defense claims of third party infringement, formulating of standard IP strategy, IP related affairs on business acquisition and extraction etc.
Zhang Yan
Senior IP Law Counsel, IBM Asia Pacific Growth Market Units (GMU)
Zhang Yan is responsible for all of IBM’s IP matters and issues across the Asia-Pacific region. She acquired a Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University and Master of Engineering from Chinese Academy of Science. She then got her master degree in intellectual property law from Franklin Pierce Law Center. She is qualified as an attorney at law and patent attorney in China. Before she joined IBM, Ms. Zhang previously worked for six years as a patent examiner in the China Patent Office and for seven years as a division director for international cooperation at SIPO. For three years she served as the Chair of the Patent and Innovation Sub-committee of QBPC, and is now the Vice-Chairman of QPBC.
Zhao Jie
Senior Manager of Intellectual Property & Legal Division, Associate IP Researcher of BYD Company Limited
Zhao Jie is a member of the IP Expert Committee of Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen Municipality, and a mediation expert of South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission. Ms. Zhao has over ten years experience in enterprise IP protection and management, and is good at formulating and utilizing IP strategy as well as competition strategy. Meanwhile she is also an expert in arranging and protecting IP overseas. She has done a lot of researches in patent licensing and litigation, especially in the handset and automobile manufacturing fields.

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