Sonid Mutton

Sonid Mutton


Sonid Left Banner and Sonid Right Banner of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region are located in the west of the Xilingol Grassland, where is the hometown of Sonid sheep. The unique climate and geographical environment are conducive to the growth of pasture, which provides a superior environment for unique quality of the Sonid mutton.
The Sonid mutton has bright color, dense and elastic muscle fibers, fresh and juicy taste, rich fragrance and a variety of amino acids and fatty acids that a human body needs. The protein content is more than 19.59%.
With the implementation of the protection of geographical indications, the reputation of Sonid mutton is increasing, and the demand for the market is expanding. Industries related to Sonid mutton has become the dominant industry of Sonid Left Banner and Sonid Right Banner. The protection of geographical indications has played an active role in increasing the income of farmers and herdsmen. (Courtesy of the Protection and Coordination Department of SIPO)
Source: SIPO

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