Shanghai cultural heritage shines at historic Egyptian library

Shanghai cultural heritage shines at historic Egyptian library


ALEXANDRIA, Egypt - Culture is a fundamental human factor for enhancing cooperation between peoples, said Mohamed Sultan, governor of the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria, amid an ongoing exhibition of intangible cultural heritage from Shanghai, China's most populous city.
Egypt and China are connected by trade, economic and cultural ties over thousands of years, Sultan told Xinhua while inspecting unique Chinese heritage pieces being displayed in the Library of Alexandria.
The first session of the International Tour Exhibition of Chinese Traditional Fine Arts was opened in the historic library last week.
Under the topic of "Culture across Ancient and Modern", the Exhibition of Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage in Daily Life, which will last until Aug 27, has showcased more than 130 pieces including Jinshan farmer paintings, Shanghai-style woolen tapestries, Shanghai-style silk works, opera customs, jade and bamboo carvings from Shanghai, sister city of Alexandria for 26 years.
Shanghai will host an exhibition of artwork from Egyptian children that will include drawings and paintings about Alexandria on Sept 23, Sultan noted.
Source: China daily

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