Fujian sees increasingly favorable business climate

Fujian sees increasingly favorable business climate


Fujian's gross domestic product (GDP) jumped from nearly 2 trillion yuan to 3.2 trillion yuan($510.8 billion)over the past five years, registered an average annual growth of 9.3 percent and outpaced the national growth rate of 7.1 percent.
The province's fast economic growth in 2016 ranked it among the top 10 provinces and regions in the country in GDP for the first time. Meanwhile, the government's general public revenue also increased by 53 percent over that five-year period.
All these statistics fully reflect the increasingly favorable business climate in Fujian, according to Tang Dengjie, governor of Fujian Provincial People's Government.
Tang made the remarks in March, this year when answering questions from reporters during the ongoing national legislative session.
He also emphasized that it will also capitalize on its privileges as a national policy pilot zone to boost the development of enterprises in the region, and go to all lengths to nurture a fair business environment based on law.
The measures he mentioned in the interview include increasing government credibility, protecting intellectual property and encouraging entrepreneurs' participation in business policy making.

Source: China Daily


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