World Publishing deepens ties with Springer Nature at Beijing Book Fair

World Publishing deepens ties with Springer Nature at Beijing Book Fair


China's World Publishing Corporation signed an agreement with German publisher Springer Nature to introduce another 19 book titles about science and technology at the 25th Beijing International Book Fair on Aug 22.

Since its founding in 1986, World Publishing has been cooperating with Springer Nature, and has introduced more than 500 book titles into China, including well-received series such as Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Classics in Mathematics and Graduate Texts in Physics.

"These popular books have not only helped promote the development of scientific research and higher education in China, but also won Springer Nature a good reputation in China," said Zhang Zuozhen, general manager of World Publishing Corporation, at the ceremony.

World Publishing started the "Project of One Thousand Books" in 2002, aiming to introduce 1,000 book titles in the fields of science and technology within 10 years. So far, more than 2,000 book titles have been introduced through the project, including English books, translation works and original Chinese books.

In the future, the publisher will pproduce more works by well-known scholars in both Chinese and English.

Source: China daily

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