China: 6,600 Pieces of Music to be Taken off from Karaoke

China: 6,600 Pieces of Music to be Taken off from Karaoke


An announcement that asking over 6,600 music videos to be taken down from the list in Chinese Karaoke system has hit the headline of China’s media recently. Locally known as KTV, Karaoke in China was ordered by China Audio-Video Copyright Association (CAVCA), the only state-sponsored audio and video copyright management organization in China, to remove 6,609 songs by October 31. Only specific versions of the songs will be taken off from the list. Instead, some version performed for the television show or by different singers can still be kept on the list. If these rights holders authorized the operators, there is no involvement of infringement. Besides, after paying copyright licensing fees to the association and use the works legitimately, the KTV operators or video on demand manufacturers could avoid being sued by the rights holders and can run their business legally, according to the association. On November 7, copyright holders including three major international record companies, Sony Music, Warner Bros. Records, Universal Music Group as well as some overseas companies and domestic companies have joined the association. 


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