Chanel Sues Retailer over Counterfeit Handbags

Chanel Sues Retailer over Counterfeit Handbags


Luxury fashion brand Chanel accused an e-commerce platform of selling counterfeit handbags that the website had advertised as “genuine and authentic”, in a complaint filed at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. E-commerce platform The RealReal is allegedly selling Chanel-branded handbags “which it purports to be genuine but are in fact counterfeit”, according to lawsuit which was filed on November 14. The fashion brand also accused The RealReal of false advertising and unfair competition.Chanel accused the retailer of attempting to “deceive consumers” into believing that the fashion brand is affiliated with it and that the goods sold by The RealReal are authentic.The fashion brand requested an accounting of The RealReal’s sales and profits “flowing from its counterfeiting and trademark infringement”, in addition to triple damages and attorneys’ fees.Chanel also asked the court to direct The RealReal to recall the counterfeit products that it has distributed, and to notify future potential customers that the purported authenticity of its products is not verified or guaranteed by Chanel.

Source: WIPR

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