Chinese Courts Boost Transparency by Livestreaming 2 Million Hearings

Chinese Courts Boost Transparency by Livestreaming 2 Million Hearings


China’s courts have livestreamed more than 2 million hearings online over the past two years as part of efforts to further improve judicial transparency and ensure public access to court procedures. The streams were carried by, a website established by the Supreme People’s Court in September 2016. The site, which helps the public better understand trials, and effectively observe and monitor legal procedures, has been visited more than 13 billion times, the top court said in a statement on November 27. Moreover, the Supreme People’s Court issued a guideline on judicial transparency, in which it ordered all Chinese courts to make more of their work procedures public. This includes information on judges, judicial reforms and legal services. It also urged them to make good use of the internet to interact with the public besides just releasing information online.

Source: Chinadaily

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