Demand for Jin Yong’s Audiobooks Soars in China

Demand for Jin Yong’s Audiobooks Soars in China


Sales of audiobooks by Jin Yong have risen remarkably in the month or so since the death of the celebrated wuxia novelist, the reported. Jin Yong is the pen name of Louis Cha, or Cha Leung-yung and was best known for writing wuxia stories which depict martial art adventures in ancient China. As the news of his passing away spread on the evening of October 30, sales of his books jumped 120 times compared to the previous day, according to, China's e-commerce giant . Longshine, Guangzhou Longshine Books Limited Company, owns the exclusive Chinese copyright and Chinese audiobook copyright of “The Collection of Jin Yong's Works”. On its official audiobook app “Listen to Jin Yong’s books”, the number of new users has also risen. In cooperation with another company, Longshine also runs another audiobook app "Baiting". Currently, 2,500 audio episodes of Jin Yong's books, totaling 1,000 hours, are offered on the two apps.


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