China Snack Tourism Culture Festival Opens in Shaxian

China Snack Tourism Culture Festival Opens in Shaxian


The 2018 China Snack and Tourism Culture Festival opened in Shaxian, a county-level city in Fujian province on the evening of December 7, with a large-scale light show performed as its inception. The light show is just one of the highlights of the festival. Totally 18 activities will be held amid the five-day festival so as to publicize the brand of Shaxian snacks, tourism and culture, promoting the transformation and upgrading of its snack industry, business and trade cooperation and the development of local tertiary industries. The local authorities have ramped up the development of local snack industry in recent years. Part of its efforts is the establishment of the Shaxian Snack Group Co, a food chain operator nationwide, which has greatly advanced the branding, standardization and industrialization of Shaxian snacks. Statistics show that more than 63,000 Shaxian snack bars have been opened in China, with about 10 billion yuan ($1.45 billion) in annual revenue. The registration of the Shaxian Snack trademark has been approved by 8 countries among 18 applied countries and regions.

Source: Chinadaily

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