CNNC Unveils Key Safety Technology

CNNC Unveils Key Safety Technology


China National Nuclear Corp, the State-owned nuclear power company, released its domestically-developed high-safety nuclear power plant distributed control system platform on November 5. Known as the central nervous system of nuclear power plants, the nuclear advanced safety instrument and control platform, also called the Longlin system, plays an important role in ensuring nuclear projects' safety and stability and enables China to have a DCS with complete independent intellectual property rights, said the company. Some of the key standards are in accordance with the international level, it said, while it will also help boost China's nuclear technology exports, it said. Only a handful of developed countries have mastered the technology of the nuclear-grade DCS platform, which is critical for the safe shutdown and accident mitigation for reactors. Analysts believe as the core technology of the systems is one of the key components of a nuclear power station, China must conduct original innovation. It is believed the country will step up nuclear development with the implementation of the Longlin system, said Ye Qizhen, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and also an expert on nuclear reactors and nuclear-power engineering.


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