iTunes and iCloud Targeted in Patent Lawsuit

iTunes and iCloud Targeted in Patent Lawsuit


A company called Data Scape has sued Apple for infringing six patents directed to data and communication systems. The claim was filed in the US District Court for the Central District of California Western Division on December 26, 2018. Data Scape targeted products and services including iTunes and the iCloud. The first patent is US number 7,720,929, titled “Communication system and its method and communication apparatus and its method”. According to the claim, the allegedly infringing products communicate and transfer a document stored on one Apple device (eg, a MacBook) to another device (eg, an iPhone). In addition, the claim said, the products include a second apparatus comprising “a communicator configured to communicate with said first apparatus”. Data Scape alleged that Apple has infringed five more patents, including US numbers 10,027,751; 7,617,537; 9,380,112; and 9,712,614, all of which are also called “Communication system and its method and communication apparatus and its method”. The remaining patent is US number 7,239,469, named “Recording apparatus, server apparatus, recording method program, and storage medium”. Data Scape is seeking a permanent injunction and an order requiring Apple to pay damages, costs, expenses, and pre-judgment and post-judgment interest, among other forms of relief.

Source: WIPR

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