Number of US Patents Granted in 2018 down by 3.3%: Research

Number of US Patents Granted in 2018 down by 3.3%: Research


The number of patent applications approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) fell by 3.3% in 2018, a new analysis shows. The analysis, which was carried out by Anaqua, a US intellectual asset management and software provider, concluded that there were 11,483 fewer patents granted in 2018 than in the year before. In 2017, 352,585 applications were approved, while there were 341,102 approvals in 2018. The analysis found that the top 25 patent owners in 2018 received more than 18% of all patents granted by the USPTO. Among the top 25, technology companies continued to dominate the list, but the transportation sector jumped to the second biggest patent class. The analysis said self-driving vehicles were having a big impact on innovations, with Ford entering the top ten list of most patents obtained in 2018. Several patent filings stood out in 2018, according to Anaqua.

Source: WIPR

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It is lucky for Chen Jun to began his career in the IP industry 14 years ago when the first group of IP managers for businesses appeared on the stage in China and he has been in the industry.

It was this “Whampoa Military Academy” for IP that educated China’s first batch of corporate IP management personnel. Many of these engineers left Foxconn in the years since.