Samsung and haptic tech company agree licensing deal

Samsung and haptic tech company agree licensing deal




South Korean electronics company Samsung and California-based Immersion have agreed to a settlement and global licence agreement. The agreement, which will resolve the global patent infringement litigation brought by Immersion, was announced on May 13. The technology company is a developer and licensor of haptic technology, owning more than 2,900 patents and pending patents. Immersion filed its claims at the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas Marshall Division and the Fuzhou Intermediate Court in China. In the US complaint, Immersion claimed that Samsung had licensed haptic software from Immersion for many years before declining to renew its software and patent licence in 2015. But, Samsung allegedly “continued to include the haptic feedback technology covered by the patents in its new products” and sells them in the US. This was the second set of complaints that Immersion has filed against Samsung.



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