CSNC: Latest BDS Achievements

CSNC: Latest BDS Achievements


The tenth China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) was held in Beijing on May 22. The conference fully presented the latest achievements of Beidou Navigation Satellite System.

The three-day conference, themed “Navigation, 10 Years and Beyond”, covers four sections including summit forum, academic exchange, achievement exhibition and high-end forum. Experts and scholars from both home and abroad will discuss and exchange views on key technological breakthrough, integration of innovation and application, and overall industrial development.

Beidou Navigation Satellite System is a global system which is independently constructed and operated by China and can be shared by the whole globe with multi-system compatibility and interoperability.

“Right now China has completed the basic BDS-3 constellation which offers global service and precision positioning with an error of less than 10m,” said Ran Chengqi, director of China Satellite Navigation Office. Beidou will extend its services into satellite-based augmentation, short message communication, international aid and accurate positioning and broadcast better signals all over the world.

The China Satellite Navigation Exhibition presented the successful application from BDS, including chip, receiver module, antennae and terminal as well as new applications, cases and models that integrated satellite navigation with other technologies.

CSNC is one of the three international satellite navigation academic forums, which has been successfully held in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.



May 29, 2019

Source: Xinhua Net

Photo from: China IP

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