Dating App Accuses Tinder of‘Classic Bully Tactics' over TM

Dating App Accuses Tinder of‘Classic Bully Tactics' over TM


Tinder has sent a second notice of infringement to a competing dating app, Wild, alleging that its use of a flame icon infringes Tinder’s trademark.
The alleged infringement is in the logo for Wild’s name, which replaces the dot on the ‘i’ with a flame outline. In its first notice, Tinder said this constitutes unauthorised use of one of its trademarks and asked the app to remove the flame from its logo.
Catherine Malone, the marketing director of Wild, said that out of respect for Tinder’s request, Wild has modified its flame icon and published a modified version to the App Store.
But Wild has now received a second notice.
Malone dismissed the notice, arguing that Wild has owned a trademark for its logo, including the flame outline, since its launch four years ago.
Source: Wipr

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