SARFT rewarded original Chinese cartoons

SARFT rewarded original Chinese cartoons


This year, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) firstly appraised the supporting project of original Chinese TV cartoons and invention talents. Days ago, 10 original cartoons and 10 cartoon producers were rewarded with 8,900,000 yuan in all.
To encourage and support the creation, production and play of children radio and TV works and original home-made cartoon works, SARFT set up the supporting project of original Chinese TV cartoons and the producers of Chinese cartoons with the support of the Ministry of Finance.
After the preliminary examination of provincial administrations of radio, film and television and the final examination of SARFT appraisal committee of the supporting project, 10 serials of Chinese TV cartoons including five long ones and five short ones and 10 Chinese cartoon producers got financial support from SARFT and the funds must be used for the creation and production of Chinese cartoons.

                                                                                             Source: IPR in China     

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It is lucky for Chen Jun to began his career in the IP industry 14 years ago when the first group of IP managers for businesses appeared on the stage in China and he has been in the industry.

It was this “Whampoa Military Academy” for IP that educated China’s first batch of corporate IP management personnel. Many of these engineers left Foxconn in the years since.