INTA Annual Meeting 2021

INTA Annual Meeting 2021



The International Trademark Association (INTA) is a global not-for-profit advocacy association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation.
INTA's largest event is the annual meeting, which dates back to 1878. INTA’s members are nearly 6,500 organizations from 185 countries. INTA’s member organizations represent 34,350 trademark professionals and include brand owners from major corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, law firms, and nonprofits. There are also government agency members as well as individual professor and student members.

People watch

It is lucky for Chen Jun to began his career in the IP industry 14 years ago when the first group of IP managers for businesses appeared on the stage in China and he has been in the industry.

It was this “Whampoa Military Academy” for IP that educated China’s first batch of corporate IP management personnel. Many of these engineers left Foxconn in the years since.