Certificates issued to the third batch of China's national-level ICH items

Certificates issued to the third batch of China's national-level ICH items


A certificate awarding ceremony was held by China's Ministry of Culture in the Great Hall of the People on August 29, attended by inheritors of the third batch of national-level intangible cultural heritage (ICH) items. Liu Yandong, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and State Councilor, presided over the event.

The list of the third batch of national-level ICH items was recognized by the
State Council (the Cabinet), adding 191 entries to the main list and 164 to the expanded list. It covered items of a wide range of categories from folk literature, traditional music and traditional opera to traditional medicine, traditional sports and acrobatics. Items such as the tale of The Orphan of Zhao, Tibetan metal forging skills, stilted buildings of Tujia Minority, "Exercise of the Five Animals" developed by Hua Tuo and the Tibetan New Year have all been listed this time. Considering the first two batches published in 2006 and 2008 respectively, China now has 1,219 national-level ICH items in total.

China has set up an initial working system on ICH protection that is in compliance with China's status quo. The Ministry of Culture has issued a notice, urging competent authorities at all levels to take due responsibilities and establish a dynamic administration mechanism integrated with self investigation, reporting, social supervision, awarding and warning. Those fail to provide sufficient protection to national-level ICH items will be deprived of their qualifications as protectors. The Ministry also emphasized to improve regulations, reinforce institutional protection, enhance the establishment of infrastructure and database and guide the public to actively participate in ICH protection.

(Source:IPR in China)

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