2012 Shanxi Science and Technology Working Meeting held

2012 Shanxi Science and Technology Working Meeting held


2012 Shanxi Science and Technology Working Conference was held in Taiyuan City on March 19, 2012. Vice Governor Zhang Ping attended and addressed the conference and Head of Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department He Tiancai gave a report. Over 200 people participated in the meeting including heads of science and technology bureaus at city level, directors of offices under S&T bureaus and principals in charge of science and technology work from governmental departments directly governed by the province, research institutions under the Central Government and Shanxi Province, universities, businesses, hi-tech parks and economic development zones. At the conference, advanced entities and individuals were honored. 

Zhang Ping fully confirmed the achievements made in S&T work last year. He stressed that officials working in S&T sector should earnestly carry out the spirits of the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference, deepen structural reform, promote the R&D work on major core technologies and make remarkable results in industrializing achievements. Zhang also required competent authorities to fully exert the leading role of science and technology, and positively impel the change of economic development mode and leapfrog development. The vice governor still asked local officials to innovate on development environment to ensure the improvement of S&T innovative ability. He Tiancai reviewed and summarized the S&T achievements made in 2011. He pointed out that the key indicators reflecting S&T innovative ability all achieved a substantial growth. Notable results were also achieved in S&T management innovation, the implementation of main special projects, the construction of innovative carrier and bases, S&T innovation platforms, the settlement of S&T issues related to agriculture and people’s livelihood, knowledge strategy implementation, S&T exchange and cooperation, the combination of technology and finance, linkage innovation between the province and cities and the construction of work style. 

He Tiancai informed that to realize leapfrog development in the period of transition, the keynote is about industrial up gradation and S&T innovation. For the work in 2012, He emphasized that it is a must to carry out scientific concept of development in S&T work, focus on the construction of test area in transition and comprehensive reform, create leapfrog development mode suitable for Shanxi and realize in-depth integration between science and technology and economy and society. 

In 2012, Shanxi is expected to make breakthroughs in five aspects. First, make breakthroughs in a number of high-end projects, organize a group of major S&T projects, embattle a batch of important scientific and technological innovation demonstration projects, cultivate a cluster of innovation-oriented enterprises and develop a group of innovative parks; second, accelerate agricultural S&T innovation, promote seed industry innovation, transfer agricultural S&T achievements and demonstrate agricultural information technology; third, improve S&T service ability, set up one hundred businesses with IPR advantage in the whole province, and foster one hundred innovation and entrepreneurial teams; fourth, innovate on system, mechanism and policies, and realize innovation and development in organization and management system, project operational mechanism, S&T cooperation and exchange, S&T financial service and incentives; fifth, conduct educational activities and enhance the construction on clean and honest government and work style. [Chinese version is available on sxinfo.gov.cn]

(Source: IPR in China)

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