Disney sues Sri Lankan shop for counterfeit soft toys

Disney sues Sri Lankan shop for counterfeit soft toys


U.S. giant Disney is suing a store in the capital city of Sri Lanka for selling counterfeit soft toys of the company's most famous creations, a court filing said here on Monday.

The case which was filed before a court by Disney through local lawyers after the Colombo Crime Division raided a popular shopping mall selling large numbers of counterfeit soft toys patented by Disney.

Disney accused the shopping mall of infringing on its intellectual property rights, and the infringement has caused irreparable damage and loss to Disney.

Sale of counterfeit items are illegal in Sri Lanka and if convicted can carry a maximum penalty of Rs.500 000 (around 3,816 U.S. dollars) or a sentence of six months. In severe cases both a fine and imprisonment will be imposed.

(Source: Xinhuanet.com)

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