Thomson Reuters Creates Most Comprehensive Collection of Searchable Trademark Data in the World

Thomson Reuters Creates Most Comprehensive Collection of Searchable Trademark Data in the World


 Thomson CompuMark, a Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science business and the global leader in trademark searching and brand protection solutions, today announced its plans to launch 136 new databases by this summer for its SAEGISR on SERIONR online trademark screening solution. The addition of this content will make Thomson CompuMark the world's largest provider of trademark screening data, covering 186 countries and registers. Thomson CompuMark made the announcement at INTA.

Thomson CompuMark has a monthly rollout schedule of the new data featuring strategically important and emergent regions in Central and South America, Asia and the Middle East. Many databases are for markets unavailable from any other online commercial source.

"Screening proposed trademarks in markets around the world is critically important when launching new brands in our global economy," said Martin Burke, managing director for Thomson CompuMark. "SAEGIS on SERION supports that effort by providing access to the industry's largest collection of trademark screening information, from a single, trusted source. Adding 136 new SAEGIS databases is just another way we help our customers do business, anywhere their business takes them."

For maximum budget efficiency, SAEGIS users can elect a subscription model based on clear, transparent pricing. Subscriptions offer the benefits of a predictable annual cost, enhanced convenience, and the potential to achieve significant savings.

(Source: Reuters)

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