Zhangjiagang aims to become China’s top yellow wine producer

Zhangjiagang aims to become China’s top yellow wine producer


Shazhou Youhuang, a brand of Chinese yellow wine, or Shaoxing wine, has been exported to countries and regions such as Japan, England, Australia and South America.

Huang Tingming, general manager of Zhangjiagang Brewery Company, the producer of Shazhou Youhuang, said sales of the company in the first nine months of the year increased 15 percent year-on–year, with profit taxes increasing by 20 percent year-on-year.

As one of the main yellow wine producers in China, Zhangjiagang Brewery Company has a history of over 100 years. Both its production and sales volume rank first in Jiangsu province. Its sweet yellow wine sales rank first in China.

The company also takes part in establishing national yellow wine standards. Its comprehensive economic and technological data ranks top three in the yellow wine industry.

The company attaches great importance to its high-quality, nutritious and safe image. It continues to make efforts to improve technology, develop new products and enlarge its market.

Technicians of the company have done thousands of experiments to improve fermentation techniques and equipment. They use steel fermentation containers instead of traditional pottery containers to better control the procedure. It has also reduced labor intensity and improved sanitation conditions.

In 2012, Zhangjiagang Brewery Company received three patents of invention in yellow wine making techniques and equipment. The company has developed 21 innovative projects in producing yellow wine.

Shazhou Youhuang has become one of the most famous brands in China. Huang Tingming said the company will endeavor to build the most advanced Chinese traditional yellow wine producing center and make “Shazhou Youhuang” the most famous yellow wine brand in China.

(Source: China Daily)


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