Shanghai: Emerging industries stressed

Shanghai: Emerging industries stressed


The local IP office and nine government agencies jointly released a guideline on strengthening the IP innovation and protection of strategic emerging industries. As of 2015, the local government agencies will support 100 companies with strong IP competitiveness and industrial influences. They will also help companies in emerging fields develop a batch of core technologies and create some world-famous trademarks. The city aims to improve its IP competitiveness in emerging industries to a leading position in the Asia-Pacific region by 2020.

(Source: China Daily)

People watch

It is lucky for Chen Jun to began his career in the IP industry 14 years ago when the first group of IP managers for businesses appeared on the stage in China and he has been in the industry.

It was this “Whampoa Military Academy” for IP that educated China’s first batch of corporate IP management personnel. Many of these engineers left Foxconn in the years since.