Extended: Federal Court Dismisses Rimini Street's Key Defense Claim

Extended: Federal Court Dismisses Rimini Street's Key Defense Claim


On July 9, 2015, a federal court dismissed Rimini Street and Seth Ravin's claim that Oracle  engaged in "copyright misuse" through its software licenses.

In this lawsuit -- the second of two cases between Oracle and Rimini -- Oracle alleges that Rimini infringed Oracle's copyrights in "the latest chapter in the long saga of Rimini's" infringement, "masterminded by its CEO Seth Ravin." The Court dismissed Rimini's defense of copyright misuse, in which Rimini alleged "that Oracle is using its software licenses to unlawfully leverage a monopoly in the support services market." As the Court did in the first case between Oracle and Rimini Street, the Court held that "Rimini Street fails to allege any conduct that could constitute copyright misuse."Additionally, the Court rejected Rimini's attempt to exclude Oracle's damages expert from testifying at trial in the first of the two cases between the companies. In that case, Oracle is suing Rimini for $209 million in lost profits. Trial begins September 14, 2015.

Source: Marketwired

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