Samsung Wins Patent For Smartphone-Based Body Fat Analysis

Samsung Wins Patent For Smartphone-Based Body Fat Analysis


South Korea's tech giant Samsung Electronics Co has won a patent for analysing body fat through smartphones, an intellectual property organisation said Tuesday, which may mark another leap forward in enhancing health care-related features on smart devices, reports South Korea's Yonhap news agency.

Under the title "Method and apparatus for measuring body fat using a mobile device," the Korean-language report posted on the World Intellectual Property Organisation's website said it has found ways to acquire users' body fat information by simply having them hold their devices. The latest development by Samsung will mark another progress in enhancing health-related features on smart devices.

The company did not provide details on when the new technology will be applied to its products. The tech giant, meanwhile, is anticipated to release its next flagship phablet, a cross between a smartphone and a tablet PC, around early September.

Source: Bernama

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