CAVCA brings an accusation against 8 song halls paying no royalties

CAVCA brings an accusation against 8 song halls paying no royalties


It is learn from China Audio-Video Copyright Association (CAVCA) that CAVCA has made progress in safeguarding copyrights in Guizhou province since Guizhou started to collect karaoke royalties. Up to June 15, 8 karaoke operators refusing to turn in royalties were sued by CAVCA, of which 3 were put on record in Guiyang Municipal Intermediate People's Court.

According to relevant principal of CAVCA, the work on karaoke copyright licensing has proceeded for more than two years in the nation. On May 22, Guizhou Provincial Copyright Bureau and the Association of Performing Arts and Show Business of Guizhou (APASB) held a signing ceremony on copyright licensing in koraoke operation places and service contracts. At present, many karaoke operation places actively signed and paid copyright royalties. The fee collection standard in 2009 is that the operator should pay 8 yuan for each karaoke room per day. However, some places continue to play songs without paying any fees.

Next, CAVCA will excuse copyright royalties to the sued places in place of the right holders. Besides, CAVCA will claim for compensation from the year 2007 and collect fees according to the upper limit of copyright royalties, i.e. 12 yuan for each karaoke room per day.

Source: IPR in China

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