Wanglaoji in top list for first time

Wanglaoji in top list for first time



Wanglaoji in top list for first time

Wanglaoji,a soft drink maker,has become a top brand in China,
according to the Hurun list. [CFP]

Charity pays. Herbal drink brand Wanglaoji, which ranked nowhere in Hurun's brand value list last year, leaped to the 49th ranking this year thanks largely to its generous donation of 100 million yuan to the Sichuan earthquake victims last May.

The Guangdong-based drink firm created a huge intangible asset through positive and healthy brand building and marketing, and its brand value is estimated to have hit $540 million, according to Hurun's latest report yesterday.

Wanglaoji's rocket rise is a good example on how to construct a smart image through shouldering corporate social responsibility, analysts said.

It's the fourth year since Rupert Hoogewerf and his institute compiled and issued China's Most Valuable Brand List. And this year, Hurun Institute expanded the shortlist from last year's 50 to 100, as more Chinese companies put focus on brand building and image maintenance.

Financial services, tobacco and alcohol are the most valuable industries for homegrown Chinese brands. China Mobile tops the brands list for the third year running with a brand value of $29.3 billion, followed by four financial service brands, ICBC, CCB, Bank of China and China Life.

An interesting thing is that China's tobacco brands swept the list by taking up 13 positions, while last year Chunghwa was the only listed tobacco brand, ranking 49th.

"Homegrown Chinese brands are beginning to take on a life of their own, despite their lack of international recognition," said Rupert Hoogewerf, CEO of Hurun Report. "It is becoming harder for international brands to make waves in China," he said.

                                                                                                  Source:  China Daily

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