Victoria's Secret Settles Trademark Dispute with Redbubble

Victoria's Secret Settles Trademark Dispute with Redbubble


Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has settled a trademark dispute with online marketplace Redbubble. Victoria’s Secret had sued the online marketplace in July last year, alleging that Redbubble was infringing its ‘Victoria’s Secret’ and ‘Pink’ marks and logos. Redbubble operates an online print-on-demand service and customers can purchase products imprinted with graphic designs. According to the claim, Redbubble had offered signs that contain Victoria’s Secret’s marks on goods such as phone cases, T-shirts and tote bags. Victoria’s Secret claimed that some of the infringing designs and products are “lewd and offensive”, and cast plaintiff and its marks in a bad light. On June 27, Victoria’s Secret and Redbubble filed a request for dismissal of the suit, with prejudice.
Source: WIPR

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