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Since its founding in 1995, Unitalen has assumed its place as China's preeminent, full-service, intellectual property law firm. Our staff, comprising of 450 attorneys, paralegals and law clerks, provides services to our firm's clients from our branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changchun, Jinjiang, Foshan, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Haikou, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Xiamen Ningbo, Wuxi, and Wuhan  centrally coordinated by our Beijing headquarters.

Business Area:

We are now handling the following business entrusted by domestic and foreign clients in the intellectual property field:

Patent application and protection involving mechanical, metallurgical, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, foodstuff, light industrial, agricultural, electric, electronic, telecommunication, computers, aeronautic and space engineering, oceanological and geological and other technical fields;

Filing patent applications, request for re-examination, request for revocation and invalidation of a patent right and other matters;

Appeal to the people's court on behalf of the client, not satisfied with the decision of re-examination, revocation and invalidation in respect of a patent right;

Services concerning consultation, investigation, obtaining of evidences, request for administrative mediation, institution of legal proceedings in the court for the interested party;

Services on licensing and assignment of patents;

Services for patent search and market supervision;

Trademark application and protection;

Filing trademark applications, request for re-examination, opposition adjudication of disputes and cancellation of improperly registered trademarks;

Services for licensing and assignment of trademarks;

Consultation and search service of trademarks;

Services in consultation, investigation and obtaining evidence for trademark disputes; request for administrative punishment; institution of legal proceedings on behalf of clients;

Providing infringement supervision service for clients through net work established in the main cities of PRC;

Other business in connection with intellectual property matters;

Legal services on copyright protection and registration of computer software;

Legal services on technical trade, investment, evaluation of intangible assets with respect to consultation, drafting of contract and negotiation.

Translation of technical documents and other legal documents.

Verification service of the ISO9000, and the relating legal services of them

Classical Cases:

New case where the provision “having other negative influences”in “Trademark Law of PR China” is applicable.

First Victory for Yuchai

Trademark of ‘Laolongkou’ (Old Dragon Mouth) Attained Patent After One Whole Year’s Hard Work

Unitalen Successfully Represents Hongjunda Electronics in Opposition against the Trademark “厦星+Amoisun”

Unitalen Successfully Represents Anyang Yintie Fine Chemical Plant in Opposition against Trademark “双鹿”

Unitalen Successfully Represents Hayao Group No. 6 Pharmacy in Opposition Against Trademark “盖中盖”

Partners & Lawyers:




 Bradley Yu
 Co-Chair of Group     
Silens Zhang
 Dr. Deshan Li
Partner Vice-President
Patent Attorney Attorney at Law
Patent Attorney
 Dr. Qian Xu
Patent Attorney
 Charles C. Liu, Ph.D., J.D.
Director of US and Canada Practices

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