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Add: Box 5117, 20071 Malmo, Sweden.
Tel: +46 40 98 5100
Fax: +46 40 26 0516


Company Overview

Awapatent was founded as a patent agency in 1897. Today we are one of Europe's leading IP firms with 160 IP attorneys and 300 members of staff in three countries. We have been chosen as a strategic partner by several of Scandinavia’s and Europe’s most successful companies. We focus 100 percent on creating business opportunities for our clients. And – just like our clients themselves – we are active in the global market.

Intellectual property law is a fantastic means of competition – provided it is properly managed. Awapatent clients know that. That’s why they regard intellectual property law as a strategic asset in their ambition to attain a position as a leader in their respective markets. Thanks to our specialist skills in law and technology, we are able to help our clients to turn their ideas and innovations into business opportunities.


Our job – To create winners.
Our job is clearly defined: to make sure that it is our clients who hold all the aces when the chips are down.
Our method is robust: to acquire a strategic overall picture of the intellectual property assets of our clients – and their competitors. Trademarks, designs, patents – the lot!
The philosophy behind the way we work is simple: we are a one-stop shop. We stand side by side with our clients, ready to defend their intellectual property interests with all the means at our disposal – patent by patent, provision for provision, dispute after dispute. No matter where in the world their market is.

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