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Life Science IP industry map

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As one of the most challenging areas of patent law, companies in the life sciences industry must ensure they successfully leverage IP protection and enforcement strategies to secure their businesses future. 

The EU is not only a transnational economic and monetary union, but has also harmonised many regulatory and legal aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. In light of this, we have put together this Life Science IP industry map which provides a high level overview of the latest European developments affecting Intellectual Property in life sciences.

Discover how industry developments affecting IP in life sciences will have an impact on European nations including: 

  • UK: The impact of Brexit on existing European patent law in the UK
  • Germany: How the uneven distribution of marine patents may be stifling research and development
  • Sweden: Discover the opportunities for Sweden to develop into leading global player in IP
  • Poland: The use of Poland as a manufacturing site hub through global shared service centers and clinical trial facilities

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