China's 2nd internet court opens in Beijing——the 377th Issue --- China Intellectual Property

China's 2nd internet court opens in Beijing——the 377th Issue

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The European Parliament on September 12 passed the a bill of copyright reform which includes two controversial articles, to the disappointment of Internet giants like Google and Facebook...... More
On September 12, The National Basketball Association (NBA) secured a trademark victory, after the EU General Court dismissed an appeal against an earlier decision...... More
The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has asked the Supreme Court to review a ruling that opened the door to registration of “scandalous and immoral” trademarks...... More
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When it comes to cuttingedge concepts in science and industry field today, “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” must be on the popular list. Up to now, artificial intelligence technology has begun to integr....... More

Toutiao v. Tencent for Anti-unfair Competition: Business Freedom or Social Responsibility?
By Peng Zhe,[Unfair Competition]

The legal battle between Tencent and Toutiao is rooted in the market competition of the two companies. With WeChat and QQ, the two most important social software in China, Tencent is now the Internet...... ... More

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